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Welcome to b-ceed: events, your event agency in Bremen. We plan, organize and carry out complex events. Our clientele in Bremen consists of medium-sized companies, companies in the public sector as well as medium-sized corporations. As an event agency in Bremen we design events for very different occasions. Events such as company anniversaries belong to the clearly more elevated projects and for this we are absolute specialists. No matter whether you have suitable premises on the company premises or we have to erect a whole tent city, you buy services from b-ceed from one source.

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With your event agency b-ceed you plan your events in Bremen and surroundings safely. Corporate events and teambuilding with distance and hygiene concept. Online events, hybrid events and corona-compliant corporate events have become the most popular types of events for us. We would be happy to advise you personally on your topic.
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Corporate events in Bremen

As a 360 degree event planning company we transform companies and facilities in Bremen into imaginative event locations. Christmas parties become unforgettable moments of the year with b-ceed and the company anniversary writes real headlines when it comes to WOW effects with your guests.

Personal development is the be-all and end-all, even in business. Let our seminar-experience combinations take you further. The teambuilding measures of b-ceed provide for change. Holistic marketing strategies, on the other hand, bring your brands further and new ones onto the market. We support you as an event planning company in Bremen with all your projects around communication and marketing.

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Secure the best events for a company outing in Bremen and the surrounding area. If you inquire early, you will be rewarded with an early booking discount. More than 30 ideas for the company outing are available. Motivate your employees to top performance now.

Teambuilding is more profound and ensures a long-term change in your company. It is about conflict resolution, new structures and cooperation. The combination of learning and experience makes it possible.

The Hanseatic city of Bremen and the surrounding regions such as Bremerhaven offer the perfect basis for Christmas parties. How about a Wild West Christmas motto party on a Bremen estate, for example?

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event planning company and marketing professionals in Bremen

At b-ceed you get the best event and marketing advice that money can't buy. Because our consulting is free of charge. We are also happy to meet you personally on site. Our goal is to establish a trusting, honest cooperation. Nowadays we all have to react flexibly to new situations. It's good when a whole company is geared towards this. With us, you get the opportunity to quickly integrate new wishes into existing concepts, without extra costs. Our event concepts are well thought out and created by professionals. You will consistently receive the best advice when it comes to complex requirements and the best solution for your project. That is our full service promise.

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As an event planning company in Bremen, we are known above all for achieving a long-term cooperation with you. Trust has to be earned and that is exactly why an honest, personal cooperation is most important to us. We develop personalities. Our team building events of the past years have become complex projects. We have long since moved away from impulses and provide for real change. Conflict resolution with absolute acceptance. We guarantee that you will never see any hidden costs with us. We hate that as much as you do, and that's why at b-ceed you'll get a fair, well thought-out calculation without any detours for your project. Anything else goes against our philosophy.

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As an event planning company , we never think straight and love to act far away from the mainstream. We have evolved based on the current situation and developed Corona compliant team events. Likewise, we are experts in outdoor team events, which become very popular in 2021. As a virtual event planning company, we act by your side to motivate your employees and fully support you even in pandemic circumstances. Popular team events and kick-off formats as well as Christmas parties have proven themselves as virtual team building. Do you also want to develop further? Contact us as your virtual event planning company.

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