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By far the best corporate events 2022

Find the best corporate event ideas here. b-ceed is the leader when it comes to planning exceptional event ideas, motto events and corporate events with full service and the red thread. Convince yourself of our all-round carefree service when it comes to your corporate event. With powerful ideas for company events and celebrations with full service and the necessary know-how, we will inspire your customers and employees alike.

The proposed ideas for the corporate events can be carried out both with distance outdoor and virtually. Whether a theme party for the company celebration, social program or team event: Your company events will be lively celebrations from now on.

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The motto company party with the spooky factor.
Individually extendable.
Time travel with knightly feast and jugglery
That certain something with full service
The Irish Company Party
Oktoberfest on the company premises.
Wiesn' Games and Blue and White Booths
Celebrate carnival like in Venice.
All year round in your company.
Have an exotic party in the office.
With cocktails and a bartender.
Guaranteed no normal crime dinner
Your ship charter with live event.
Glamorous moments on board.

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Corporate events ideas with b-ceed

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8 popular corporate events ideas 2022

  1. Daiquiri Beach Club Outdoor
  2. Mobile Cocktail Party
  3. Mobile barbecue evening
  4. Rockabilly Jukebox Party
  5. At the Oktoberfest
  6. Casino evening
  7. Exciting Halloween
  8. Masked ball Venice

How do I plan corporate events correctly?

Good ideas for customer events and employee motivation

Small and large companies increasingly rely on the organization of corporate events that increase employee motivation and promote cohesion. An ideal option, for example, is our Oktoberfest, where the worries of everyday life are left behind with pretzels and exciting games. Company events are also very suitable for customer loyalty, as long as they are communicative and entertaining: An event on a ship (where customers can't run away from you) is a great way to have in-depth conversations with potential clients. There are many other good reasons for planning corporate events in your company, based on good ideas and organisation. The advantages for employees, customers and management are obvious.

Corporate events ideas with motto

Good corporate event ideas are primarily characterised by a good motto. They are always a great occasion to get to know your colleagues from a new perspective. By the way, it doesn't matter whether you want to plan one-day or multi-day company events with b-ceed. Celebrate a glamorous Golden Gatsby Party and experience the charm of the legendary 20s. Get together with colleagues and superiors for a top-class corporate event. Impress your customers and put your company in the spotlight. The corporate event ideas can also be completely customised.

Top FAQ about corporate event ideas

We are there for you throughout Europe with our corporate events ideas. Simply use our filter function and search for your desired event. Alternatively, we can also advise you individually.

Most of our corporate events can be booked from 10 participants. Certain motto events are only bookable from a certain group size, otherwise the costs would be too high.

Yes! Our barrier-free company events include, for example, our mobile cocktail party, where we come to your company. The murder dinner is also barrier-free.

For older people and groups, the events "Party Ahoy", the mobile barbecue evening and also the Brauhaus Evening Deluxe are particularly suitable.

Our castle spectacle and our murder dinner are very popular with our customers from the public sector. The football event "Absolute Football" is also a summer outdoor highlight.

This page reflects only a small part of our portfolio. You can click above and get to corporate events at certain times of the year or click here for Christmas parties and summer parties.

The total cost depends on the size of the group. The larger the group, the cheaper the price per guest. On average, our clients pay around $50-$80 per guest for a Motto corporate event.


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