Christmas Party Ideas 2021

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The best ideas for the Christmas party 2021

Christmas party ideas. Book the best events for 5 people or more here. Corona compliant and safe exhilarating galas, theme parties and team events. 

Get excited by fancy Christmas party ideas for company 2021. Look forward to more than 30 Company parties with fancy theme celebrations, fun team events and dazzling galas. Plan safely now with hygiene concept and distance.

Book your Christmas party 2021 with the leading full service event agency b-ceed also to Corona safely and with all necessary hygiene specifications. The best company Christmas party ideas are now available without restrictions throughout Europe from 5 people. No matter if you are in the north of Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia or even far in the south with your company: the Christmas party ideas of b-ceed are adapted to every region and almost every taste, also in Covid-19 times.

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Exciting puzzles and code cracking
It gets hot in the snow and ice
The team duel against Knecht Ruprecht
The first 3D role playing game for companies

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8 popular Christmas parties 2021

Corona-compliant by a long shot.

  1. Mobile Christmas Market
  2. Mulled wine hike
  3. Christmas Movie Maker
  4. Escape for Christmas Online
  5. Oh fir tree beating
  6. Christmas Bakery (Online)
  7. Winter barbecue mobile
  8. Santa's Quizz Cross Show

Online/Offline Christmas Party 2021

With the new Christmas party ideas, your event 2021 will be an experience that your employees, customers, business partners will remember positively for a long time. With b-ceed as event agency on your side, your Christmas party 2021 will be a safe and hygienic experience by far. With the full service principle of b-ceed, all events are taken care of from the first to the last minute, including catering, personnel and logistics. 

Social Christmas Party Ideas

Prepare and enjoy Christmas roasts and traditional specialities with your team. During a mobile fondue evening in winter, you and your employees and guests can feast on fondue specialities with meat and cheese. The table is richly set with delicate side dishes, sauces and vegetable variations. Alternatively, Santa's kitchen party for a real team cooking at Christmas attracts many companies every year with exciting tasks and delicious food. Spend a fun afternoon with the team. Alternatively, our outdoor team events are exciting ideas for Christmas parties. Whether it's a Christmas market rally, tab tour or winter barbecue: it's up to you.

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

The last year and also 2021 have changed the world and with it the whole event industry. So we have made it our goal to plan and implement new Christmas party ideas. We present you virtual Christmas party ideas, with contactless but with a lot of fun can be carried out. For example, there are our exciting Escape Rooms, which have been programmed by ourselves with great attention to detail. Or you can choose our online quiz show Quizz Cross for your team and experience an insane quiz show directly on your PC. Our online cocktail courses and gin tastings are legendary and have earned us the title of 'leading' online event agency from many clients, among others.

Frequently asked questions about Christmas party ideas

For the most part, yes. Simply select the category "By far" in "Filter by" so that you are shown the Christmas parties that have been designed Corona compliant.

We are there for you throughout the city and the surrounding area. You can start the Christmas party for example at the company or we bring you directly to a location.

You can book most of our Christmas parties from 5 participants. In individual cases, we can also take smaller groups. The online Christmas parties are partly also feasible from 2 participants.

Yes! Our accessible Christmas parties include, for example, the Christmas Thriller and Fondue Christmas. Ask our experts for advice if you are planning an accessible Christmas party.

You don't have to make any big preparations yourself - that's what we are here for. You only need to give us the information about your desired date, number of participants, location and destination in advance.

Our active crime dinner, our exciting mobile Escape Room or our active Christmas rally are the most popular Christmas parties for teams from the public service and government.

Full service is a kind of "all-round carefree principle" at b-ceed. Our customers receive all services from one source: from team events to entertainment such as bands and musicians to catering services. In addition, there are decorations and other program items.

The total cost depends on the size of the group. The larger the group, the cheaper the per capita price. On average, our clients pay around €50-€80 per person for a full service Christmas party.

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Alternative company parties (with distance)

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