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Start the new fiscal year 2023 with exciting kick-off events and inspire your team by involving everyone in the business processes, making everyone a part of the whole. Together with you, we'll take off to new goals and do it live again now. You can expect exciting team events with creative and craft modules and also sporty Kick Off Team Events 2023 have their charm. It's all about you and your goals, which are to be achieved. And that works best together as a team.

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Kick Off Meetings and Team Events 2023

A kick-off meeting also basically has a training character and should also strengthen the motivation of the employees in addition to motivation. A Kick Off Team Event 2023 is about defining goals for the new business year together in the meeting. In the process, solutions are also worked out as to how the goals are to be achieved. We support you in planning a Kick Off Meeting 2023 from the beginning to the end and guide you through the different stages of planning. After all, the beginning of the year should not mean the end.

Reasons for a Kick-Off Meeting

The reasons for a kick-off event or also called kick-off meeting can be manifold. The motivation of each team member is an important component of the company's success. You won't keep your employees happy just by giving them money and other benefits. Much more, a Kick Off Team Event 2023 is about involving the team in company-wide processes,

People who are eager to take on responsibility thus feel that they are an important part of the company's success. You will also see how easy it can be to run a business if you have chosen the right strategy with the right team mates. You, as the owner, literally have to be unemployed in your company to ensure long-term success.


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Frequently asked questions

Yes! b-ceed's guides will take care of your event from the introduction to the execution to the end on site and provide important tips on focusing on new goals.

The Kick Off Meeting is an essential part of the Kick Off Event. In the meeting, goals are defined together with our coaches and solutions are developed. The general success of the company is to be secured while maintaining a high level of employee motivation.

For small groups of less than 20 participants, our craft kick-off events such as bridge building or the construction of a labyrinth are particularly suitable. Also popular are team events with creative elements like the puzzle team painting.

Of course. Many of our corporate clients are contractually bound to study institutes and trainer companies. In this case we work together on the project for your kick off.

Of course. Our team events for a kick off event usually last 2-6 hours and can be booked excellently as stand alone team events.

Depending on your wishes, Kick Off team events last from half a day to two days. We offer the team events individually or as modules within the framework of coaching or team training.

Yes! Some of our Kick Off Events can also be held virtually. We offer a separate section for virtual kick off events on our website.

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