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Bicycle rally through Essen - the company outing and team event for 10 or more people | b-ceed: Event agency in Essen

Bicycle rally through Essen

Invite your team to a city rally through Essen, the European Capital of Culture in the Ruhr area. Today we present you a city rally through Rüttenscheid in Essen, which will take about 2 - 3 hours.

city rallye bonn - outdoor team event with b-ceed events

City Rally through Bonn

Discover a great team event at your next company outing Bonn during an entertaining and fun city rally. Read more.

The old town of Hanover with city rally as a team event

Interactive city rally through Hannover

Explore Hannover through a city rally. The concept of the classic city rally rethought: instead of following chalk markings on the ground, let a tablet PC interactively guide you through Hannover.

City Rally Cologne with Tablet PC or iPad as Team Event

City Rally through Cologne with Tablet PC

Are you looking for a modern and innovative way to bring your team closer together? Then plan an exciting city rally through Cologne with tricky puzzles and tasks.

b-ceed tests team events: the five best beach pools in nrw

The five best lidos in NRW

Team event on the beach with Olympics, cocktail course and barbecue? If the beach holiday in Spain and Co. has to be cancelled this year, we'll just bring the beach to our home. Here are our five best locations for a lido in NRW that you don't necessarily recognise straight away.

Mobile Casino Royal

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