A historical event as a company summer party

Looking for inspiration for your next summer party? Historical corporate events are both entertaining and informative. You can learn a lot about history and experience a top-class company event. Here are some interesting ideas for a historical tour that you can book with us:

Historical city rally
It doesn't always have to be a barbecue: How about a Beethoven Tour as a company outing and team building event? Discover the history of the genius musician during his life in Bonn. Everywhere in the city you can find clues to the artist's career. His birthplace can also be admired here. With the help of the Globe Chaser app, a city rally can be planned perfectly with just a few clicks. This way, the company summer party will be a complete success!

Company event at a castle
Feast like knights for once - this company event is a very special experience. Discover the life in the Middle Ages on a castle quite authentically and directly from the proximity. Both the food and the entertainment through knight tournaments - everything is recreated in detail and historically accurate, so that you may feel like real knights for a day on the joint excursion. You can easily book a company event at the castle with us.

Colosseum, Rome

Trip to Rome
This event is guaranteed to be unforgettable - Rome is one of the most important cultural sites in the world and very popular with tourists from all countries. And that's no wonder - after all, there is a lot to discover here. Historically, the city has much to offer visitors with its magnificent buildings. With the help of a digital city guide you will be shown all the important hotspots and also the appropriate route to visit them. In addition, Rome is also outstanding in culinary terms and offers numerous opportunities to spend an enjoyable corporate event. Whether it's a city tour, a pasta cooking course or a trip to a Mediterranean winery - we will organize a first-class event for you that is both historically and culinary convincing. This way, fun and enjoyment of the joint company outing are pre-programmed!

Excursion to Vienna

Hardly any other city has as much to offer culturally as the Austrian metropolis of Vienna. Here you can admire architectural works of art such as the Vienna State Opera, St. Stephen's Cathedral or the Belvedere Palace at every step during a walk through the city center. If you are planning your next company outing in Vienna, an incentive trip as a historical corporate event is a great way to discover many Viennese features and experience the flair of this city. From an overnight stay in a high-class 4-star hotel with breakfast, to a coffee barista course, to a trip to the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace - we organize your perfect company event in Vienna.

Whether it's a city rally, a castle event or a trip into the countryside - we provide an exciting and informative program for your historical company event. You can book the perfect summer party quickly and easily on our website. You don't have to worry about the planning and can enjoy your company event with the whole team to the fullest.

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