Rolling Taps from Cologne: Mobile bar with vintage car catering for corporate events

Rent a mobile bar and catering with U.S. classic cars in Cologne for corporate events - Rolling Taps and b-ceed

We have already been able to book several corporate events this year and one of them is very special: the Rolling Taps mobile bar event in Cologne. The new brand around the Rolling Taps, which makes the topic of 'mobile bar hire' with complete bar catering socially acceptable, has a lot to offer and we are presenting the whole thing today.

Vintage truck as a bar on four whitewall tires from the fifties

The Rolling Taps truck from Cologne, which is over six meters long and weighs two tons, proudly presents itself: In a summery blue with an old white roof, the mobile bar on wheels stands proudly in the hall. Built in 1948, the truck is one of Chevrolet's greatest successes of its time and impresses with a long, closed loading area and plenty of space inside. Originally, the so-called Thriftmaster 3850 was used as a panel truck - it carried out heavy transportation and was a loyal workhorse.

With great attention to detail, the truck has been converted into a fully functional bar on wheels: six elegant taps stand out from the side. The oversized tap handles, which are used to fill the guests' glasses with cool and, in winter, even hot drinks, once again bring with them the flair of a real bar.

The entire technology for cooling and pressure regulation is safely housed in the interior of the truck. We are presented with technology that we would not have expected: Everything is neatly and tidily stowed away. There is enough space here for beer kegs to easily cater for large events. In addition to beers, all kinds of other drinks can also be tapped: From soft drinks, lemonades and Prosecco to long drinks, mocktails and, in winter, mulled wine, cocoa and even coffee, everything is possible.

Rolling Taps - Book mobile bar and vintage car catering in Cologne, Duesseldorf, Aachen, Bonn and Essen

The bar setup with truck incl. furniture and decoration

If you book the Rolling Taps from Cologne, you can look forward to complete, mobile bar catering. In addition to the Chevrolet truck, the Rolling Taps also bring along furniture in the form of bar tables, rustic wooden boxes and even beach loungers - depending on the theme of your event, all kinds of decorative items can be added. An elegant wooden bar with illuminated logo is also included to make the bar atmosphere noticeably more intense.

The Rolling Taps also bring all the utensils, ice, mixers, glasses and cups as well as straws and umbrellas to the event. Professional bartenders will prepare the drinks for you. How about that? The only thing you have to do is drink yourself.

With and without carbon dioxide - the mobile truck bar can do it all

The technology in the truck allows you to get non-carbonated drinks out of the taps. Thanks to the different pipes and pressure ratios, this is no problem. The Rolling Taps work here with physics and technical understanding, as well as with food nitrogen and CO2. What almost sounds like high school chemistry is part of the Rolling Taps' daily business.

If you are planning a company event with Spanish flair, the Rolling Taps homemade sangria can be poured into glasses without any magic or carbonation. Or if it's mulled wine for a Christmas party in winter, it can be served hot and fresh in the Rolling Taps mulled wine cup and you can enjoy a piece of love and elegance in equal measure.

Mobile beer tasting on six taps

The Rolling Taps beer tasting is a very special experience. You can taste six different international beers straight from the truck and guess whether they are top-fermented or bottom-fermented beers. Are you drinking lager, ale or pilsner? Which country does the tasty swill in the glass come from? You can turn a get-together into a team-building event by mastering the beer quiz in teams and guessing the origin of the drinks. The mobile beer bar is professionally presented in the guise of the 1948 Chevrolet Thriftmaster, which proudly adorns the hall, courtyard or hall.

Rolling Taps - Book mobile bar and vintage car catering in Cologne, Duesseldorf, Aachen, Bonn and Essen

An absolute feast for the eyes and professional bar art

The Rolling Taps from Cologne enchant every event without any magic: everything is real and you can even book personalized coasters, emblems and cups. Depending on the event theme, complete decoration packages can be planned. And if you would like to eat something, the Rolling Taps can also offer complete food catering in cooperation with us.

From summer 2024: Rolling Taps with U.S. food trailer - 'Rolling Bites'

The slogan of Rolling Taps in Cologne says it all: Mobile bar and American catering - the new Rolling Taps brand will be rolling in from summer 2024. In the form of a highly chrome-plated, nostalgic-looking food trailer, 'Rolling Bites' will offer specialties in solid form. The food trailer will once again reinforce the fifties flair of the mobile bar and you can look forward to high-quality vintage catering that will enchant all your senses.

We think: the Rolling Taps are unique

With the Rolling Taps, corporate events become an absolute top class event. Our event agency customers already love getting freshly tapped beers and cocktails prepared in the Taps of the classic car. It just tastes better somehow. If you would like to hire the mobile bar or would like complete bar catering , please feel free to write to us. The idea behind it is fantastic: converting a vintage car so that it is still fully roadworthy and also a bar on wheels with six taps and all kinds of extras. The complete catering equipment, which can be booked in addition, makes every reception, wedding and corporate event look complete. We love the Rolling Taps.

What do you think of Rolling Taps and their mobile bar with catering?

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