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Exciting virtual team events and online teambuilding Corona-compliant remotely for home office and as multi-site team activities are available here. Experience online teambuilding now in your home office with other colleagues or together in several office locations. We are very flexible in this respect. With our virtual team events, we offer you new types of online team building for many strategic, creative or motivational measures, such as Escape Rooms, graffiti courses and virtual cooking courses. Virtual team events can be organised for groups of 2 or more. For this purpose, we create the virtual rooms with our online conference tools. Our remote events and virtual team events are just as sustainable and formative as offline team building.

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The fast-paced live music quiz
With moderation and evergreens
An amusing Christmas story
The smash hit among the Escape Games
Several murder cases for your team
Thriller feeling in the home office
Together in the abandoned forest
Online Escape game with suspense.
Three episodes, 30-90 minutes time
The cracker with up to 5,000 guests
Turbulent team motivation pure
from 30 to 90 minutes playing time
The pleasure seminar
Sparkling, fun, delicious!
400 degree heat now online
Virtual barbecue and chilling
The fast-paced quiz show
With moderation and buzzers
Can you stop John Doe?
Online event for any group size
Energy for the Home Office Day
with professional physiotherapy
Live quiz with head-breaking guarantee
In teams or everyone against everyone
Get ready for fast-paced competitions with and against each other.
Spraying creative team power
virtually together in the home office
The creative teambuilding No. 1
now as a virtual creative bomb
Maximum motivation & enthusiasm
Virtual in the home office and outside

Virtual team events with b-ceed

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Virtual team events, remote events to Corona - bceed eventagentur

Virtual team events and Corona

We are currently living in very special times, which is why we are all being asked to rethink our everyday working lives. Team spirit, "we" feeling and identification with the company will be put to the test for your employees. With the new virtual team events your employees will be motivated remotely and the team spirit will grow. What emerged from the agony of Corona, became a permanent offer in our online teambuilding portfolio. Depending on the remote event type, we will send you material in advance via DHL, which has been cleaned and hygienically packed.

Want some virtual improv theatre?

Virtual team events are not only new, they also offer completely new possibilities for collaboration. Whether in the home office or in different branches: our most popular virtual teambuilding events such as the graffiti workshop, the scavenger hunt with in-house app or even our legendary Escape Room can now be booked as virtual remote events for teams of just 2 people. Get started with your team from your home office and run a virtual improv theatre with our help. Corona compliant, funny and mega motivating is such a virtual team event by b-ceed.

New ideas and company motifs at the graffiti course and b-ceed: events

Online Graffiti Workshop

Get really creative with your colleagues without having to think about Corona and Co. Our virtual graffiti workshop will turn you into a real artist. Starting with a total of 5 participants, the virtual team event will make you burst with creativity. We will send you all necessary materials before the event by delivery - corona conform and hygienically packed of course. You don't have to worry about anything other than a webcam and a little space. If you like, you can also bring your cam to the balcony or terrace - we will then guide you to virtually create a great work of art together. Feel like spraying?

b-ceed's Virtual Escape Rooms

A worldwide viral pandemic! You can stop this pandemic, because the masterminds are moving primarily virtually. We'll get you and your team on your way to solving this pandemic mystery case virtually as a team. Escape the Virus is a remote escape game for teams in the home office or in different office locations. You take on the roles of opponents of these pandemic masterminds and try to stop the pandemic and bring down those responsible. You can expect a virtual remote team event of the extra class. Best entertainment on screen and also physically, because we send you puzzles in advance, which you (almost) can't solve - or can you?

Virtual team event and kick off Escape the Virus - corona compliant teambuilding by b-ceed: eventagentur
escape the virus team event by b-ceed

Virtual team events for large groups

We are often asked whether b-ceed virtual team events are also suitable for large groups. Online teambuilding is in principle not limited in the number of participants and therefore even large groups can book virtual team events and online escape rooms from b-ceed with more than 500 participants.

Online teambuilding with more than 500 participants

For online teambuilding events with more than 500 participants, our online escape rooms, our tasting events as well as our online bingo and the quiz show are suitable. Virtual team events all have one thing in common: they can inspire up to 5,000 participants at the same time and we already have a lot of experience in this.

Is a virtual team building moderated?

Virtual team events from b-ceed are all live and moderated by our crew. Above all, with us you have no extra costs for the moderation of your online teambuilding event. All prices on our online event pages include moderation. For single online team events LITE versions are available.

Virtual team events LITE - the affordable alternative

If you don't necessarily want a live moderation for your online teambuilding, you can choose from our online Escape Rooms and the virtual crime game Crime @Home(office) and enjoy virtual team events at a discounted price. This is the perfect solution especially for very short term requests.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! b-ceed's guides will take care of your event from the introduction to the execution to the award ceremony.

We orient ourselves entirely according to our customers. We have gained good experience with the most common tools such as MS Teams, Zoom or Webex.

For large groups of 100 people or more, the Escape Games as well as the Quiz Show or the Virtual Puzzle are very suitable.

Yes! Each online event can be individually adapted to the customer's wishes in terms of duration and content. On request, for example, company questions can be included in the quiz show or a completely custom Escape Game can be designed.

Via the b-ceed Cloud, paint and video programs for the respective event are made available to the participants on a dedicated server.

For the online events, all participants need is a camera and a microphone as well as an internet connection. The "equipment" for the respective events is provided online by b-ceed.

No. These three terms are the same type of team event. Namely, your team communicates with each other from the home office, growing together and getting motivated with innovative online team modules.

We charge online team events per person. The cheapest events are charged with 10 € per person. More elaborate team events such as the virtual cocktail course are a little more expensive, as cocktail boxes are sent by post for all participants.

Alternative team events with distance

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