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Here we provide you with the best team building ideas for every group size and for every theme. The team building events can be carried out indoors and outdoors as well as partly virtually and as a hybrid. All team building events are designed by our professionals with coaching elements and a certain methodology and ensure change in the team. Some team building ideas focus on the strategic, other team building events are more active or creative proven measures for conflict resolution and motivation of your team or company. Do you want to increase employee motivation and strengthen team cohesion? At b-ceed you can find the best teambuilding ideas for your company at a fixed price.

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Maximum motivation & enthusiasm
Cooking mobile without stove and oven
Can you stop John Doe?
Spraying creative team power
Hot team event with long-term effect
Mobile Escape Adventure for companies
Creativity. Lateral thinking. Team thinking.
The creative teambuilding No. 1
Finding the rhythm in the team
Team Trophy with Quad and Catamaran
Quick as an arrow towards success

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8 popular teambuilding ideas 2021

  1. Virtual team events
  2. Team day in the countryside
  3. Wild Rally Xtreme
  4. Soapbox Team Cup
  5. Scavenger hunt to bike
  6. Build sculptures
  7. Improvisational Theatre
  8. Graffiti Action Course

What is team building?

Only absolute lone warriors can do without a successful "togetherness" in the team. You know yourself that this case is extremely rare. As soon as two people work together in any form, it is about teambuilding. But what exactly are teambuilding ideas? Explained briefly: As a supervisor, you put together a team or work with an already existing team. This does not always work out right away. Often additional assistance is necessary. Teambuilding ideas ensure progress as an independent event and promote cooperation. Team events increase motivation, but also help to recognize conflicts and solve them with a view to the future. With ideas for teambuilding events you ensure sustainable success.

Are team building ideas useful?

The focal points are versatile. Because not every idea is equally suitable for every team. We would be happy to advise you. Which team events are suitable for your employees and will lead to the desired success? It doesn't matter if you are a team of 10 people or more, what is important is that you first define your own objectives. Is there a high potential for conflict that you would like to solve with the help of teambuilding ideas? Do the employees talk past each other, is there a lack of proper communication? Are external or internal disruptive factors discernible? Would you like more motivation for a special project? Finding ideas for teambuilding events that are profound and measurable is now very easy with b-ceed.

Top FAQ about Teambuilding Ideas

Yes! We offer special teambuilding events with distance and in compliance with all hygiene regulations. Alternatively, you can also choose non-contact team events, which are then conducted virtually.

In addition to the city area, we also include the surrounding regions and communities. Some teambuilding events take our customers on completely new paths. Just come along!

Most of our teambuilding events can be booked with a minimum of 5 participants. In individual cases we can also take smaller groups.

Yes, but we only include coaching sessions on request. We make sure that the proportion of coaching to the proportion of active team activities is a maximum of 50%. This is what distinguishes our teambuilding events.

Our virtual team events can be conducted in German, English and partly in French. For all onsite team events we are set up for English and German events.

Especially our outdoor team events, the improv theatre as well as all handicraft oriented teambuildings are very popular with authorities and in the public service.

All active team events that involve learning and improving communication are consistently suitable for young teams. These include bridge building, labyrinth and video shooting. Active scavenger hunt events on foot and on the bike are also very popular with young teams.

The total costs depend on the topic and whether a coaching module is included. Depending on the group, the per capita price is on average between 40-60 € per person for a team event without coaching. Coaching modules are planned and calculated by hand and start at one day commitment of our coaches.


In the event of an official severe weather warning of level orange in the geographical area of the team event, we will offer you an alternative date - at no extra cost. We also offer you the possibility of a "bad weather alternative" event.

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