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After a few years on the market, we can claim to be experts in the field of event planning around the company anniversary. We are proud of what we have created so far. Whether it's entire tent city concepts, beach events or individual large-scale events in the airport hangar: with b-ceed your company anniversary becomes a great event for all senses.

We plan your company anniversary as an event, create a holistic marketing concept and thus bring your company forward on this occasion. Do you want to learn more? Read on ...

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Company anniversary

Impressions of anniversary celebrations

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Anniversary in the tent 400 guests, carpet in company CI

Slide 2

Event in the Hangar: White Night after the race

Slide 4

1,200 sqm tent city and mobile catering units

Slide 6

Deco concepts tailored to your company

Slide 5

Total reconstruction at Mendig airport with b-ceed

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Summer party: On the roof terrace

Slide 7

Mobile cocktail bars, catering and entertainment

Planning a company anniversary correctly

Company anniversary events

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Discover exciting events for yourcompany anniversary. Individual planning on your company premises is always free of charge - like the appointment beforehand. Our 100% service circuit is popular and known to be unique in the European market. There are many ways in which you can not only celebrate your company anniversary, but make it an absolute marketing hit! Trust in Full Service and benefit from a large partner network. But who are we? Based between Cologne and Bonn, we are a full service event planning company for small and large clients in the business sector. Learn more about us here.
Entertainment suitable for the elegant company anniversary with b-ceed: events

Anniversary for big companies

Events on your company premises

Advantages: no room rentals | open house | being at home

Would you like to celebrate your company anniversary directly on the premises and are you still looking for suitable event ideas? Both indoor in a warehouse, the foyer or outdoor in connection with a tent construction is a possible company anniversary event. The oppurtunities for the design of the event are limitless and let us create a first creative concept for your event. Your special wishes will be considered, so that nothing stands in the way of a realization of the company anniversary with your ideas.

Full Service Event Management

Book all services from one hand

Advantages: One contact person | No extra costs | Transparency

As a full service event planning company b-ceed we design individual event ideas with perfection for your company anniversary. Whether it is the planning of the event on your company premises with tent construction or the organization of the company anniversary with motto in an off location: b-ceed works reliably, efficiently and has the best event ideas for corporate events. Your advantage: You enjoy full service event management from the first minute. Our references speak for excellent service, starting with the ideas for the company anniversary up to the event end. You get events from one hand.
Corporate event ideas, live events, theme parties with b-ceed: the event planning company
Mobile company Christmas market on your own company premises with b-ceed: events!

100% Mobile Corporate Events

Corporate anniversary events can take place anywhere

Advantages: No location commitment | Total individuality

Tent construction at its best! With elegant furniture, stylish decoration in your company colours and authentic lighting, every location becomes a gem. If you only have a large outdoor area, a tent city offers good possibilities to celebrate your anniversary on the company premises. Tents can be erected on all types of ground - whether clay, asphalt or other subsoil. Planning is the be-all and end-all at b-ceed.

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Let us advise you on your company anniversary. We plan the entire event in advance with an advance calculation and the best event ideas for you free of charge and without obligation. If you wish, we will come to you and do a first planning, of course also free of charge. At b-ceed, full service does not start with the placing of an order. We would like to convince you to work with us.

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