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Events for companies in winter - bceed and Bright&Epic

Winter is approaching in leaps and bounds. We have compiled our most popular events for companies in winter . You can look forward to wonderful company events in the 20s, spooky Halloween events and pre-Christmas outdoor team events. Now begins the wonderful time of corporate events in the cold season. Have fun reading.

Halloween event for the company: spooky fun and dinner

Happy Halloween! For companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Halloween holiday is not as popular for corporate events as summer parties or Christmas celebrations. Nevertheless, the number of events that companies plan for the spooky festival on October 31 is on the rise. In most cases, these are evening events with costumes and matching decorative elements. The food and general beverage selection is also geared to Halloween.

Halloween theme events for companies - bceed and Bright&Epic
The perfect Halloween theme party for companies: Angels and Devils or Zombies vs. Heroes

We plan your scary Halloween event in two ways: Either as a classic event with scary effects and matching drinks from test tubes or as a Heroes and Zombies party. Here, all employees dress up either as heroes or as zombies. Of course, the matching cemetery decoration and typical horror elements must not be missing.

Here is more info about our -> Halloween corporate party.

Gatsby meets Al Capone meets Fun - the 20s party

20s events for companies - bceed and Bright&Epic
Casino Party with 20s Feeling: Top class motto event!

Pompous decoration, evening dress and a festively decorated hall. In addition, casino event flair, 20s jazz sounds, because the beginnings of jazz were in the 20s. Bowling, champus and more: Welcome to your 20s Gatsby party, the party that will be remembered for a long time.

The 20s motto event will make you forget the gray weather in Germany. You dive into a world full of glamour, gangsters and good mood. We maneuver you into the time of the golden 20s and plan with you the 20s event with all kinds of highlights. We will start with a 20s reception, where our guaranteed non-criminal Riddle Girls will already warm you up with riddles from the vendor's tray. Depending on the budget, "Al Capone" will welcome you as an actor.

Gatsby Party Events for companies - bceed and Bright&Epic
Golden Gatsby Party for companies: with Bright&Epic and b-ceed: Events!

At the casino tables, poker, roulette and blackjack will be the game to win. Matching drinks, served in tumbler glasses, canapés and slapstick crown the casino event. A 1920s buffet and a pompous-looking candelabra candle landscape adorn the room alongside gold and black accents. And before the party starts with 20s music, electro beats and proper basses, giant balloons will fall onto the dance floor upon request.

Fancy finding out more? Then follow our link to the 20s Gatsby Party.

Winter Outdoor Event: Company outing with Globe Chaser

Our in-house app should not be missing from the schedule of exciting teambuilding events in winter. Globe Chaser is a scavenger hunt, rally and company outing all in one. No matter where you are: We plan exciting tours through the city for you. You will get to know your destination from a completely different perspective and solve tasks, riddles and team challenges.

With Globe Chaser, your company outing or team event will become an exciting, unforgettable event. It doesn't matter if you want to go out with Android or Apple devices: our app technology makes Globe Chaser possible on almost any device worldwide.

Outdoor scavenger hunt for companies - bceed and Bright&Epic
Scavenger hunt and team events outdoor in winter: With Globe Chaser!

Enjoy a team event from 2 hours, which also makes e.g. the pub crawl a great experience. During the Christmas season, your trip to the Christmas market can become a culinary Christmas party with our scavenger hunt app: Visit several Christmas markets with us in one day and enjoy different treats at each market.

Fancy discovering the world with our app? Find out more about the Winter Rally here.

Tip for remote teams: Virtual team events

Virtual events for companies - bceed and Bright&Epic
Virtual team events in winter: perfect for remote companies

There are virtual team events that are perfect for winter. Grab a snack and say "hello" to your work colleagues who are located somewhere completely different from you. At the latest since the Corona Pandemic, many companies know that they can also work together virtually. And that's why our virtual team events have become an integral part of our work as an event planning company . And even the virtual Christmas party is getting a boost this year. Because especially companies that are represented with several locations, partly in several countries, can share some nice moments with each other virtually this way.

Bright and Epic Group - Events and Marketing Worldwide

event planning company with offices in Germany & USA

We, the Bright & Epic Group, are a corporate event planning company specialized in planning and executing your event from start to finish. We are now represented with events in more than 14 countries around the world. Our offices in Germany and the USA ensure global coverage with full service.

Conclusion: Winter corporate events are exciting!

Sure, in the summer you like to go out and also plan a big summer party for the company. In winter, this is usually not comparable due to the temperatures in Central Europe. Nevertheless, it is exciting to plan an event with the company in winter. You don't always have to find ideas directly for the Christmas party either. You can also book exciting company events in autumn and early winter and leave the planning to us as a professional event planning company.

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