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Here we present you with current online events that are perfect as a virtual Christmas party for 5 to even 5,000 people and provide motivation, fun and energy at the end of the year. The virtual Christmas party is on everyone's lips and that is exactly why we, as an event planning company and specialist for glittering Christmas parties, have now also specialised in the virtual Christmas party.

Book your virtual Christmas party now with the experience market leader for glittering corporate events. For more than five years, we have been providing companies all over the world with exhilarating events, trips, trade fairs and more. Now online events are making their way to Germany. The virtual Christmas party will also be a very important point of employee motivation in 2021. Get to know our virtual cocktail party or learn more about the royal juniper drink at the online gin tasting. The Spanish tapas evening brings the flair of the Iberian peninsula into your home office and our virtual cooking course goes through the stomach and the online Escape Rooms from b-ceed provide amusement. If you want things to be even more interactive, our online quiz show and our Crime@home Christmas party online are just the thing for you. Take the opportunity and book your virtual Christmas party at b-ceed.

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The fast-paced live music quiz
With moderation and evergreens
Several murder cases for your team
Thriller feeling in the home office
Together in the abandoned forest
Online Escape game with suspense
Three episodes, 30-90 minutes time
The cracker with up to 5.000 guests
Online teambuilding with staging & fun!
Your personal experience
Turbulent team motivation pure
from 30 to 90 minutes playing time
The virtual tea tasting
Team event, seminar and customer magnet
The pleasure seminar
Sparkling, fun, delicious!
The fast-paced quiz show
With moderation and buzzers
Can you stop John Doe?
Online event for any group size
Energy for the Home Office Day
with professional physiotherapy
Live quiz with head-breaking guarantee
In teams or everyone against everyone
Get ready for fast-paced competitions with and against each other
Spraying creative team power
virtually together in the home office
The creative teambuilding No. 1
now as a virtual creative bomb
Maximum motivation & enthusiasm
Virtual in the home office and outside
Live baking course in the home office
As a Christmas party or team event

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Virtual Christmas Party by b-ceed: Online Escape for Christmas
Discover Escape for Christmas online ...

Virtual Christmas Party 2022

With the virtual Christmas party ideas , your event 2022 will be an experience that your employees, customers, business partners will remember positively for a long time. With b-ceed as event planning company on your side, your virtual Christmas party 2021 will be a by far safe and hygienic experience.

Our tasting boxes for the virtual cocktail parties, the gin tastings and the Spanish tapas evening are a wonderful gift for your employees and customers.

Online Tastings as a Christmas Party

The virtual tasting events are very popular as an online Christmas party. They promote communication among employees and provide amusement and aha-effects among the participants. The Gin Tasting, for example, is a great event to awaken the know-it-all in you a little. In a blind tasting, different gin varieties are tried and aromas and botanicals are tasted with b-ceed's in-house aroma wheel. Alternatively - and especially with a fruity note - the cocktail party the virtual Christmas party is a must for all fans of drinks from all over the world. Here, too, all participants receive the cocktail box with lots of liquid treats. On top of that, there are snack boxes to round off the event.

Virtual Christmas Party 2022

Last year and also 2022 have changed the world and with it the entire event industry. We have made it to our goal to plan and implement new Christmas party ideas and present you new concepts that can be carried out easily and contactlessly. Regarding this, we can recommend you our exciting Escape Rooms, which were programmed by ourselves with great attention to the details. Would you like to have more action? Our virtual Quiz Cross Show is an experience by itself and let you think outside the box. Online cocktail courses as well Gin Tastings are versatile and one of our most popular events, which gained us the titled of 'leading' online event planning company from many clients, among others.

Frequently asked questions about virtual Christmas parties

A virtual Christmas party is a social gathering in the virtual world. We create rooms for you to communicate on communication platforms such as Zoom or via MS Teams. All participants can see and hear each other via webcam. Depending on the event programme, tasting experiences, games and more can be planned at the virtual Christmas party.

We have various business accounts for the platforms Zoom, MS Teams and Webex Meetings. In addition, we have our own communication tools for smaller teams of up to 50 guests on our in-house cloud.

You can book a virtual Christmas party for as few as 5 participants. In individual cases, we can also schedule smaller groups. Certain online team events can even be booked for as few as 2 guests. Please feel free to contact us for this.

We currently support online Christmas parties in German and English. Individual events, especially our online Escape Rooms, can also take place in French.

We take over the entire planning of your virtual Christmas party. If you wish, we can also provide our communication platforms and online rooms free of charge.

Currently, our virtual Christmas parties run on Windows and MAC systems. As they are browser-based or run via a communication platform, they can usually also be experienced via tablet and mobile phone. We recommend stationary PCs, Macs or laptops.

Yes! Our tasting boxes are the ideal gift idea for your guests. You can get them at our Spanish Tapas Evening, at the Gin Tasting as well as at our virtual Cocktail Party.

The total cost depends on the size of the group. The larger the group, the cheaper the price per guest. On average, our clients pay around 20 - 50 $ per guest for a virtual Christmas party.

Gin Tasting as an online course with the team of b-ceed
Virtual Gin Tasting as a Christmas Party

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