8 reasons why corporate travel to Mallorca is the best

Corporate travel to Mallorca - experiences and tips from b-ceed and Bright & Epic Event Group

Corporate trips to Mallorca are among the most popular incentive trips of our corporate clients. Why this is so, we reveal to you today. We also share with you the most frequently asked questions of our customers at the beginning and show you 8 reasons why corporate travel to Mallorca is simply the best.

Why corporate travel to Mallorca is becoming increasingly popular

The company outing is still the most popular way for companies to get their employees out the door for a change. They are all supposed to refuel new energy and motivation and strengthen their team spirit in the process. For some years now, however, larger company outings have been joining in more and more often, which are more than just a team event, dinner and that's that. Company trips are the new way of expressing a big "thank you" to employees and entire teams. Company trips to Majorca are thereby on place 1 of the most popular journeys with our firm customers and remains it probably also still some time. The reasons are:

  • Corporate trips to Mallorca are special and usually several days experiences
  • Mallorca offers so many incredible places away from the tourist hustle and bustle
  • The island is only 2.5 hours away by plane and is therefore very centrally located
  • Companies plan corporate travel to Mallorca due to the location in the Mediterranean Sea
  • The Balearic island offers pleasant temperatures almost all year round
  • The journey from Germany, Austria and Switzerland is usually easy to plan
  • Corporate travel to Mallorca offers the right activity for almost every age structure
  • The service of our event agency leaves hardly any wishes open for such a trip

Corporate trips express the next level of the famous "employer branding". They skillfully combine the "Thank you" with "And now forward". After all, companies also pursue a certain goal with travel: motivating employees, increasing sales, strengthening the "we" feeling, and so on. All these goals and values play a major role.

Our corporate travel image video with Bright&Epic and b-ceed: Mallorca

Corporate travel to Mallorca - what is the process?

Our clients usually plan 3-5 days on their favorite island. The entire planning, implementation and follow-up is on our side. From the beginning to the end we are there and ensure relaxed days far away from the tourist hustle and bustle on Mallorca. We pick you up at the airport at your starting point or provide a clear, well thought-out check-in and departure planning.

In Mallorca at the latest we welcome you at the airport with our guides and accompany you to the hotel. Look forward to small, wonderful and luxurious accommodations that hardly anyone knows. All with pool, spa, sauna etc. Many of our partner hotels are far away from mass tourism and are real insider tips for exciting company trips to Mallorca.

The entire social program at the Mallorca company trip, from quad tours to wind surfing, catamaran driving and extensive tasting menus under the open sky, is planned and implemented by us for you. Many program points originate from our house and are not simply "mediated". Barbecue courses on the terrace, for example, or exciting tours of caves, monuments and the city of Palma are at the forefront.

Mallorca corporate trip to an exclusive finca hotel with dinner party and cava with Bright and Epic

How much does corporate travel to Mallorca cost and when is the best time to travel?

Most of our corporate clients, of course, want to go to Mallorca between May and July. Here it should be said that in this period the prices of hotels are at their zenith. At the same time, however, we can offer discounted prices for many social programs, which in turn can offset the total cost. We take care of everything so that corporate travel to Mallorca will be unforgettable.

The best time to travel - as we see it - is after the summer vacations. Then it is still very warm on the Balearic island, the people there are no longer so stressed by the tourist rush and at the same time the prices for hotels are a little lower. Overall, you have to expect prices between 500 and 1,500 € per person plus flight. Here it should be said that it depends very much on the program and the duration of the trip and ultimately also on the number of people.

Even in early autumn or early spring we are with our customers in Mallorca and conduct most tours themselves. The almond blossom in spring is a very popular travel time in Mallorca also for corporate clients. If you book early we can offer better discounts for this time.

What all do you offer for a Mallorca company trip?

The possibilities are almost unlimited. Admittedly, with this answer we do not help you directly, but it is really so. We love to advise our customers directly, honestly and competently about their Mallorca trip. Without frills and hidden costs. Some of our clients would rather spend three solid days on Mallorca with the team and focus on teambuilding.

Others see an exciting company outing like this trip as an opportunity to experience active adventures. So we offer with our partners (which you can not book anywhere ;-)) extended catamaran and speedboat tours exclusively. On a small winery in the interior of the island we invite you to wine and song. Barbecue courses under the open sky, beach parties and much, much more. Mallorca has a lot to offer.

And we focus on your needs and also on the age structure of your team. Some of our customers also want different activities in which the employees can participate individually. The focus here is on: no one has to, everyone can. Some prefer to explore the dragon caves with us. Still others go with us on the water or even into the air.

From how many people does a Mallorca trip make sense?

You can already experience an exciting Mallorca trip with us with a team of 10 people. But we have also done the trip with exclusive charter planes and groups of up to 400 guests. This was, admittedly, a lot of planning work. But it is always worth it and you must know: a Mallorca trip can offer a lot for many and just as much for a few.

Company trips to Mallorca with the team and exciting activities such as hiking, jeep tour or catamaran tour Bright and Epic

Which teambuilding activity in Mallorca is the most fun?

We are asked this question by many of our customers and we almost can't answer it. With more than 25 individual company tours to Mallorca per year with group sizes between 10 and 150 guests on average, the actions are very different. But we can assure you that among others the Polaris and Quad tours are very well received by our guests. Especially when there are snacks and drinks along the way.

Our corporate trips to Mallorca also include tours like a scavenger hunt through Palma, catamaran tours that take you on the water with us for several hours. Swimming, snorkeling and feasting are on the agenda. It is simply fun.

Our almost legendary barbecue evenings in our fincas, hidden in the best spots of Mallorca will bring even the biggest dance muffle among you on the floor. And our pool parties in the middle of the moonlight are pure party. By the way: the DJ is also from us and heats you up mightily.

Cooking courses, barbecue courses, tastings, wines and much, much more

We bring you closer to the Mallorcan lifestyle on corporate trips to Mallorca. You will not experience the Mallorca that you can see on the trash channels of the German television industry. We will show you why Mallorca is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Some of our customers fly again and again with us to the Balearic Islands. Not only because our service as an event agency is outstanding, but because we simply love our job. You can enjoy together with us 10 course wine tasting menus on the wineries, which one does not know in such a way or experience grill courses in the garden of your private Finca hotel. A Mallorcan style cooking course is something very special and usually integrated in our package prices.

Corporate travel to Mallorca with meeting and coaching

Of course, on multi-day company trips to Mallorca there is the possibility to integrate coaching or a meeting into your trip. Coaching may sound a bit strange. But company trips to Mallorca offer the best basis to strengthen your team sustainably. As teambuilding experts we are of course the partner of choice for our clients and what could be better than holding a meeting in front of a dreamlike garden or beach scenery?

What are you waiting for? Mallorca is only 2.5 hours away with us

Corporate trips to Mallorca are very popular and the dates are few and far between. Do you also want to fly with us? Then call us or write us a message. As one of the few event and travel agencies for companies we are specialized with full service to realize sustainable experiences and projects.

We plan corporate travel to Mallorca with attention to detail and are also 100% on site. We don't send outside guides, because everything Bright & Epic Event Group plans is planned with heart and soul and executed with our own power. With our locations in Europe and the USA, we are well connected to provide worldwide experiences, team building and travel.

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