Christmas parties 2022 - virtual or live?

Christmas Parties 2022 - Plan Live or Virtual - Guide event planning company bceed and Brightandepic

For quite some time now, we have been dealing with the question of questions: Will this year's Christmas parties be planned virtually or live ? We answer this question in this article. As an event planning company, we have of course been dealing with this topic for quite some time. If you are as interested as we are in finding out whether the Christmas party in 2022 will be digital again or live, read this article.

These are the event highlights for the live Christmas party

As every year, our customers are again planning their Christmas party. We also notice that the clientele is changing. Where once many small companies organized their celebrations, today some of them are large companies with more than 1,000 employees. This pleases us, because it shows that people in Germany and Europe are celebrating again.

The mobile Christmas market and our Christmas village

Christmas party idea the mobile Christmas market b-ceed

Our absolute event highlight for the Christmas party 2022 is the mobile Christmas market. Already now in October we have more than 15 of these Christmas markets in our order books - but not surprising, since we are probably the leading event planning company in terms of mobile Christmas market. Hardly any event inspires the guests more than an own Christmas village. Our Budenzauber is the absolute dream for companies who want to transform their company premises into a Christmas landscape.

Attention: only a few dates are still available.

The party alternative: the Après Ski Christmas party mobile

This event also has it all. The Après Ski Christmas Party is mobile like our Christmas market event, offers fresh food and drinks in stalls and in addition a hut party atmosphere of superlatives. If you are looking for Swiss Raclette, Williamsbirne and hut feeling, the mobile Après Ski party of our event planning company is just the right thing. Optionally, we can set up a tent landscape for you, and bring along heating mushrooms, fireplaces and warm blankets. Off goes the post!

How do our customers plan their virtual Christmas party 2022 with us?

Planning a virtual Christmas party can have many reasons. In 2022, Corona plays only a minor role in this, if any at all. The haunting of Corona has long since faded, as we have learned to live with it. Instead, companies that have their employees in different locations and some in home offices have recognized the benefits of a virtual Christmas party. A virtual Christmas party is fun, entertaining and can offer much more than just puzzles and small games on the PC.

The virtual cocktail party - a virtual Christmas party in a class of its own

Virtual cocktail class with DJ party - remote team event with b-ceed

You choose your cocktails from our cocktail menu, select the appropriate equipment and your personal cocktail boxes will be sent by mail to all participants. Your virtual cocktail party is live and is accompanied on the PC by our bartenders. You will learn many things about the art of cocktail mixing, create your cocktails together and enjoy them afterwards in our virtual cocktail bar "Kobalthoch10". In addition to the ingredients, you will receive high-quality mixing equipment such as a stirrer, jigger, mixing bowl, etc. in the box. Powerful, isn't it?

Live quiz shows with and without live music

Online Teambuilding Event: Beat the Music Quiz Live - Music Quiz Show Virtual | b-ceed Teamevents

Our virtual quiz shows and especially our Beat the Music quiz show are almost legendary. Book your live quiz show with different topics and focuses and look forward to a great virtual Christmas party 2022. Our music formats "Beat the Music" and "UK Pub Quiz" are with live musicians and musicians who will inspire you. We are probably Germany's only event planning company that can host and execute these types of virtual events truly live. Our in-house software solutions and the cooperation with professional music bands provide the spark in the digital Christmas party sky.

Attention: the dates for virtual quiz shows are rare. Book now than wait too long.

Conclusion for the Christmas party 2022

In our estimation, live corporate events will again lead the way in 2022. After a successful summer season with many corporate summer parties, we are looking forward to a fierce winter season.

We have deliberately mentioned here only two of our more than 30 different Christmas party productions. As before, many companies play it safe and plan the Christmas party outdoors. Therefore, the mobile Christmas market and the après ski party are the events of choice in 2022. And despite the normalizing event trend, especially internationally operating companies resort to the virtual team events, as they connect teams that are in different countries and even time zones.

And by the way, do you already know our subsidiary in the USA, Bright & Epic USA Inc. Take a look at what exciting events our colleagues in the USA are putting on. We are a team and are proud of what we have created together: real events, real experiences, real service.

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