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Offroad treasure hunt Eifel - company outing with action and team event of superlatives - bceed and bright and epic europe 2023

The season for the most popular offroad company outing 2023 starts: Get ready for a treasure hunt through the Eifel with ATV Polaris. You can experience action & adventure with ATV's, bike and catamaran building. If you haven't done the offroad company outing in the Eifel with us yet, you should secure your desired date now. The dates for the company outing for cross-country adventurers are rare and booked quickly.

Through the Eifel with powerful Polaris vehicles

The Eifel is one of the deepest and most legendary forest areas in Europe. Many legends, myths and legends entwine around the area, which today extends to Belgium. We welcome you in the middle of the Eifel to a very special company outing: Over hill and dale it will go. With powerful Polaris vehicles, on the bike and also on foot you will (hopefully) discover the treasure of the Eifel on your route.

Treasure hunt through the Eifel - book PS strong offroad adventure as a company outing and team event with Bright and Epic and b-ceed

Rally through forests, meadows and through streams

With the ATV Polaris vehicles it goes off to a rally across the forests. You'll roam through meadows, cross streams and have to overcome all kinds of dangers. After all, such an off-road treasure hunt is anything but easy: streams must be crossed safely. Deep muddy meadow and forest areas, moor landscapes and swamps can only be overcome as a team. This company excursion through the Eifel is guaranteed to keep you all busy for a whole day.

An adventure team event in three parts

Depending on the size of the group, you will be divided into teams and experience the three parts of the treasure hunt . Each team will play through all parts of the treasure hunt. You will go with ATV Polaris and on bikes or on foot through forest areas, where you will discover all kinds of things. You will follow the path of the treasure map, which will roughly show you the direction through the Eifel forests. Equipped with our adventure app , you will also be able to see and solve the next quests.

Another part, besides the high-powered and active teambuilding modules, is the construction of one or more catamaran boats, which you will assemble as a team on a beautiful lake. There are so many problems waiting for you, as they can only be mastered in a real teambuilding . But most of all you will have fun, because you will get to know your team from a completely new side. Because a company outing in our portfolio strengthens the team spirit!

Only for the very brave among you: the steep face

Some of our customers dare to climb the steep face. This is a rock massif about 20 meters high in the middle of the forest. On this rock face you will abseil in two teams; what sounds easy is a big task for most of you at this height. The most important thing is to trust each other. And at the latest when all teams have successfully mastered this challenge, the trust in each other will be much greater than before.

Book treasure hunt Eifel with catamaran building at the lake as a company outing and team event - bright and epic and b-ceed

A whole day team action in nature

The off-road treasure hunt Eifel is not just a high-powered scavenger hunt. Rather, it is a full-day treasure hunt and you embark on the journey together. Challenges are waiting for you, which you can only master as a team. From simple puzzle quests in nature to difficult driving maneuvers through river courses, everything is possible.

The physical well-being is also taken care of on request: As an event agency , we know all too well about food and drinks. We provide you with fresh sandwiches and fully packed backpacks with healthy snacks, drinks and nibbles. At the end, in addition to an award ceremony and photo shoot at the lake, there are optional treats from the grill or the pizza oven. This way you can let the company outing in the Eifel end in peace before our shuttle service will bring you safely back to civilization.

Why is this company outing with off-road action and treasure hunt so brilliant?

The treasure hunt through the Eifel is ideal for teams of 10 to 120 participants* to get to know each other better and to develop understanding and respect for each other. We are talking about an exciting company outing and team building in equal measure, as the participants have to work together and develop a spirit in the team. The adventure is so brilliant because it offers many facets and experiences, so there will be something for all guests. And those who don't necessarily want to go cross-country by bike can also relax in the sun at the lake in between. True to the motto: everyone can and no one has to.

Important: Save dates for the company outing 2023

A final tip that is not simply a flat advertising ploy: The dates for the Eifel off-road treasure hunt are limited in 2023 . Best book your company outing now, before it's too late. In 2022, the first year so after Corona, we had a total of 241 requests for only about 75 dates. Bookings went through the roof. So being quick is definitely worth it in this case.

Oh and by the way: If the treasure hunt with the three teambuilding modules 'ATV, Bike and Catamaran' is too wild for you, you should take a closer look at our Ranger Tour through the Eifel. This tour leads you through deep forests, along a ghost village and ends with a delicious barbeque after the hike. The Eifel has a lot to offer and we are right in the middle of it.

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