Team event tip 2023: Build bridges

The team event Building Bridges is already one of the most popular team events in 2023 and ensures amazement, team spirit and identification with the company, the project or themselves. Read here which advantages the team event Building Bridges offers and why it is more than symbolic especially after the Corona Pandemic.

After isolation, the team spirit is awakened

Many teams were literally torn apart overnight in the Corona Pandemic. Where previously several people worked together in person on projects and tasks, from then on everyone was only connected via video conference. The task now is to strengthen the team spirit after the isolation. This is not only done by holding a team event with a focus on fun, but rather by focusing on values, togetherness and the project as such.

Bridge building is a team event that promotes cooperation and understanding of each other. It highlights problems in the construction of the bridge that need to be solved. And ultimately, the team event is very creative. In short, you can only manage to build a bridge together. And for that, a good plan, working areas and a well thought-out moderation are needed. In short: our part as event agency and coaching partner is needed to form a real unity out of a team.

The advantages of the bridge building team event

We have already mentioned the creativity that a bridge building team event brings. A team consists of several personalities: The pragmatist, the thinker, the philosopher ... all these terms are popular characters in the coaching sector. We do not break your team down to characters or to single members.

Bridge building is a thoughtful, purposeful team event that has already become one of the most popular team events in 2023. It's not about individual team members, but the unit behind them. Unlike other team events, bridge building effectively assumes the talents of team members. So we start where many other team events already stop. And that offers the great advantage that this team event truly goes into depth.

Is it complicated to build a bridge in a team?

As with all team events , bridge building should also produce a passable result at the end. In bridge building, however, this result is not only visible, but it should also work. We have already built bridges with our clients that have carried both remote-controlled cars and full-grown people. It is up to the team, the team spirit and the team members themselves how the bridge will look like in the end and how it will function.

Complicated is usually only the beginning of the bridge building, because at the beginning there is at most a blueprint that still has to be drawn. Team dynamics give rise to work areas and, as a result, to specialist areas. Within a few hours, solutions to problems arise that no one had thought about before. Our moderation also ensures that the various work stages are adhered to.

What is the result successful bridge building team event?

In the end, a bridge is created. Period. There's nothing more to add to that, is there? Of course, because in the end, bridge building is very symbolic. Especially after the time of Corona, it is important for us to bring teams together (again). Many people have factually unlearned over 1-2 years what team leadership and communication in persona means. "I do my thing" has had its day, because now it's a matter of working together again. With the Brückenbau team event, we form units and teach the team members values and understanding .

Thus, the bridge-building team event forms a whole new, fresh unit with strengths that can minimize their weaknesses through shared values, acceptance and talents.

Conclusion: Being promoted from trainee to manager

The Bridge Building Team Event is more of a coaching than an event that is fun and educational. It is also often used as a kick-off event. We lead managers and trainees alike and shape teams of all hierarchy levels for a longer period of time. And most of our customers take the bridges with them or have them delivered by freight forwarder and today decorate their lobbies, canteens and conference rooms with the structures.

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