Improvisation in the team is required

Improvisation theater as a teambuilding event for the company with Bright and Epic Europe

The teambuilding 'improvisation theater' is pure communication in the team, because in everyday life improvisation is often needed. We will show you what it can do. How can you best react to unplanned, unforeseen situations in everyday life? Cool, calm, surprised? Ultimately, the most important thing is that you will have the situation under control. And that's what we'll teach you at our team event improv theater.

The transmitter-receiver principle

Each of us knows the small and large problems in everyday work. Grievances and misunderstandings among team members, for example, are among the most frequently mentioned challenges among our corporate clients and customers. The well-known "sender-receiver principle" often reaches into the wrong area of our brain in the hustle and bustle of business - either some of you feel misunderstood or the others not taken seriously.

In this way, real problems can arise from inconspicuous situations. And in addition to the working atmosphere, which suffers as a result, work results are inevitably negatively affected. In the worst case, there is even the threat of dismissal, from whatever direction. With the improvisation theater team event we take up exactly these and other situations, act them out and put you under our spell within minutes as team builders who know their craft.

Unknown situations and quickly orienting to something new is the name of the game at the teambuilding improvisation theater with Bright and Epic Europe.

Promote respect and interaction to solve problems

The name improvisational theater sounds humorous, but the team event itself is very intense and attacks exactly where it hurts. Solving problems is usually quite complex and requires not only the willingness of the individual but also communication and respect among each other. This can sometimes get very complicated, depending on the attitude of the team and the characters involved.

Impro Theater, as we call it for short, shows you different situations that we and our clients have already experienced. We start with a warm-up and 'settle' simple conflicts with you. From round to round it gets more complex and challenging. The characters change, as do their locations, and the starting situations also change.

Stress and mistakes are the team killers in everyday life

The goal of improvisational theater is to improve the skills of the participants in addition to a communicative teambuilding event. Respect and interaction with each other can suffer especially in stressful situations in everyday work. Also, if a team member makes mistakes this alone can lead to others in the team making fun of the person.

It is precisely these situations that we want to look at and evaluate. We want to turn your employees into professionals in dealing with each other. We will show you what is important when it comes to respect and harmonious cooperation. We will act out these situations using examples, some of which are quite violent. You will be surprised how deeply you will dive into the roles.

Communication and speed are the keys to team success. Promote improvisational theater now with the teambuilding event from Bright and Epic Europe.

Preparations of the improvisation theater

In advance we will discuss with you by phone, video chat or live in person the requirements, demands and also the existing situation. We will create a tailor-made concept for your improvisational theater team event, so that the whole thing works. The goal is to turn the current situation in your team into a better one. We pre-plan the situations, but keep all guests guessing throughout, so they see more clearly at the end (no paradox).

Improvisation is the key

With the team event improvisational theater we want to promote the willingness to become open to new situations. We also want to train you to react professionally to unforeseen situations. We cannot protect you from problems in your daily work. But we will do everything we can to help you react to problems and unforeseen situations.

Book your Impro Theater today

If you are looking for an in-depth, intensive teambuilding event , where communication, respect for each other and togetherness in any situations of everyday work are promoted like in no other active team event, then Impro Theater is perfect. It is also perfect for groups of 10 - 100 people.

It depends on the task that is associated with it. Book your improv theater with us. We will guide you through the whole planning process up to the follow-up.

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