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Shooting teambuilding film - measures to increase cooperation in teams. b-ceed and Bright and Epic Events.

Welcome to your teambuilding film. One of the most effective teambuilding measures is to make a film with the team. Today we will explain how this works. In addition, you will receive valuable tips on how you can achieve more cohesion as a team with just a few teambuilding measures. First of all: Ateambuilding film is not only fun, but also increases the focus on work results enormously.

Shut up and action - we shoot a film with the team

Before you think that a professional camera team will show you the way, we have to disappoint you. Teambuilding activities such as filming are more about finding out for yourself and together which motifs are suitable. But before you start in teams, we begin the team event with a compact film coaching, which will introduce you to the various steps from the idea to the script to the final cut.

Shoot teambuilding film - book one of the most effective teambuilding activities. b-ceed and Bright and Epic Events

A coaching to the teambuilding event

Please don't worry, we won't start throwing flipchart paper at you and we won't start building up an army of pin boards. Our teambuilding film is about you focusing on the shared experience and generating your own ideas for the best team film. This includes, for example, summarizing the company values with you. Many of our clients also go into depth and want to define personal values and goals together.

In total, thecoaching for the team event lasts about one to one and a half hours, during which we talk intensively about the processes of your teambuilding film shoot. Afterwards, teams go outside: to the city, to the park, or you stay in the building. The script for your film will be developed during the compact coaching. So no one is left alone - everyone is ready to go together.

Shooting movies - you're ready to go

In teams you go together to the settings you have chosen yourself in order to shoot your teambuilding film. These settings are places you have chosen where you want to shoot the individual film scenes. Equipped with iPads, microphones and props, you start the first film scenes. It's important to note that you won't have a fixed role in the team - you can be the director at the beginning and later you can be an actor, editor or camera crew.

Teambuilding film shooting booking for your company - coaching for more cohesion. b-ceed and Bright and Epic Events

Different scenes and angles

Many of our clients have a similar goal for the teambuilding film. Mostly it is about cooperation and acceptance as values for example. One should accept that for example not all team members work equally fast or always achieve consistently good results. Therefore, it is essential in our teambuilding activities that you put different perspectives on issues.

And how could we align perspectives on problems more beautifully than in a teambuilding film? That's right, we shoot different scenes and tell stories that fit the scenes. Your team members will interpret and act out these scenes from different angles. In the end, the result will not only be different sequences, but exciting short stories.

Improvisation is required for film shooting

Admittedly, we developed a joint script with you in advance during coaching . Rather, you proved that you can work together as a team on the whole. We deliberately refrain from detailed character traits, after all, improvisation is called for in the teambuilding film . You have to get into the roles of your characters in the shortest possible time.

You also have to guess how they will react in certain situations. Chaos is inevitable. And because chaos results in a perfect whole in the end, we help you with that. Some of our clients also want changes in the scene sequences at short notice, which again means that you as a team have to adapt quickly to a completely new situation.

Combine team building with evening event: Shoot film and then later celebrate film award ceremony and party. Event agency b-ceed and Bright and Epic Europe

Book the film award ceremony and party to it

We guarantee you here and now: none of your teams will leave the stage without a film. The goal is for you to work together on a project that requires a lot of creativity, cooperation and understanding. Our teambuilding film shoot will stimulate the senses of your individual team members in a very playful way by turning wishful thinking into moving images.

The films are made within half a day or a whole day. Many of our customers combine our teambuilding measures with evening events - for example a film award ceremony with gala buffet and party. Thus, you will be accompanied by professional teambuilding coaches of our event agency for a whole day, before we give you the brilliant company event with finale.

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