Rain and thunderstorms not matter: weatherproof summer parties for companies

The company party, especially the summer party, is one of the company highlights of the year. After all, a summer party is the perfect occasion for companies to reward employees and customers for their work and also to get to know them better. But you can't always rely on the weather in this country. Even in summer it can often rain, storm or hail. However, this is no reason to cancel the summer party. Fortunately, there are many ideas for weatherproof summer parties.

A corporate event offers companies many advantages

Most employees spend the majority of their day at work. No wonder that many employees often complain about how exhausting their daily work routine is. To show appreciation to employees and reward them for their work, organising a company event is a perfect opportunity. Other advantages of a company event are:

* Better feel-good atmosphere within the company
* Employees get to know each other better
* Taking stock of what has been achieved
* Improved communication among employees
* Increased motivation

These points make it clear that a company event is not only worthwhile for employees. Because company bosses can also benefit from them. When it comes to the type of event, summer parties offer an optimal opportunity here. After all, warm or mild temperatures create the best holiday mood. But even if the weather in summer leaves something to be desired and it rains, company bosses don't have to bury their heads in the sand and postpone the event. Because then weatherproof summer party ideas are in demand.

What weatherproof summer party ideas are there?

An unusual and particularly mystical summer party idea is a masked ball like in Venice. Here, the participants are immersed in the mystical world of carnival through the authentically prepared scenery and experience a very special evening between illusion and reality.

An action-packed and exciting film shoot with the employees. With this summer party idea, participants can shoot their own company trailer. Creativity, team building and fun are the focus here. And a corporate film is sure to look good on the company website.

Mobile Spanish Cocktail Party

Alcohol in the office is not normally welcomed. But things are different at the mobile Spanish office party deluxe. Here, the focus is on exotic cocktails and all kinds of spirits. With the mobile bar, the office is transformed into a trendy party location that immediately creates a holiday feeling.

Brains, quick wit and concentration are required of the participants at the mobile quiz show. At this event, the office is transformed into a modern quiz studio. On this day, the focus is on tricky tasks and questions on various topics such as sport, culture or science. Small joke questions provide the necessary laugh factor.

Conclusion: book weatherproof summer parties and play it safe

The above summer party ideas show that even if the weather is bad, the company summer party does not have to be cancelled. Because in addition to a classic barbecue, there are many other creative ways to celebrate the summer with employees. Weatherproof summer parties that are independent of the weather offer an optimal option here. So that you as a company owner are on the right side and have all hands free when planning your summer party, we take care of this for you. Book a summer party for your company with us now.

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