Meal time! Team building through feasting together

Teambuilding love that goes through the stomach

Eating together already strengthens group cohesion, but how much does the team improve when it also cooks together? Discover team-building methods that not only advance the team, but also invite you to explore new delicacies together! There is a cooking event for every taste and every team - tailor-made and absolutely delicious.

Ideal for very mixed teams with a desire for creativity

If you are looking for a teambuilding event that is a good first starting point, especially for very mixed teams, our cooking events are ideal. After all, cooking is an activity that connects and creates something very special - in this case, a delicious shared meal. Our Teambuilding Events are suitable for any size of group and include a methodical concept that is perfectly adapted to your team. This way you get the maximum team-building effect, which strengthens you together and can bring about positive changes. For every situation where teambuilding is the order of the day, you will find the right event here. Cooking together activates the team members and frees their minds for new creative ideas.

Culinary variety for every taste

Food is a divisive issue, but preparing meals together is so good for teambuilding, not least because it creates countless communication opportunities that connect beyond work.

The mobile bakery

Our baking course is a classic team event at your location. In the mobile bakery, you learn how to make delicacies such as cake pops, macarons, mini donuts and other treats and, of course, eat them together.

Team event in our cooking school in Euskirchen

For teams who fancy an optimal melange of team cooking and outing, the team event in our cooking school is ideal. Here you not only get all the ingredients and utensils for preparing a multi-course menu, but also the competent support of a professional chef.

You want to have extra time for your colleagues, but don't want to miss out on culinary teambuilding with a shared meal? Then our mobile Street Food Festival is the ideal choice. Four street food stations come to your company premises, including staff, decoration, furniture and even your own DJ! This will turn your company premises into a gourmet temple - an event you will remember for a long time.

Mobile barbecue course

Do you want your employees to get active themselves? Then find out about our mobile barbecue course right away. Here, the basics of charcoal, gas and fire plate grills are explained and the smoker locomotive ensures an unforgettable experience. The relaxed atmosphere of the barbecue event is nothing but a complete cohesion booster.

Support from teambuilding guides

Especially for thematically demanding team events, the support of a guide is important. The guide explains the core of your booked cooking team event and familiarises you with the special features of the planned activities. This can be just as much about the operation of machines, such as mixers, as about the safe handling of ingredients or explanations of the nutritional value of certain ingredients. There are also many exciting communication situations in the exchange with your guide that will bring you closer to your team partners.

Eating together for optimal team building

A home-cooked meal in a cosy atmosphere is motivating and can have a positive effect for weeks and months as part of one of our perfectly designed teambuilding events. Get to know our culinary events now and opt for unforgettable team events!

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