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Book the three most popular summer party events 2023 and get early booking discount

Even though we are currently bootstrapping into winter, we have every reason to plan early for the 2023 summer festival. Because those who book early will be rewarded with special prices. We have held exciting summer parties, large and small, and have seen that companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland love more than just Christmas parties. The most popular summer parties from this year we summarize here as the top 3 summer party corporate events, so that you can already get exciting summer party ideas for the coming year 2023.

By the way: early booking pays off. We offer you a 10% early booking discount on all our summer party corporate events until March 31, 2023.

1st fair in summer

Imagine your company premises transformed into a fair. A fair with booths, shooting stands, Hau den Lukas games and much more. In addition, cotton candy, popcorn and lots of delicacies from the grill and from the pan. The fair in summer is a premium corporate event of the top class and very popular as a corporate summer party.

Popular funfair corporate event for young and old alike

High-quality wooden booths will be erected for your company summer party 2023 on the company premises, all of them will be decorated with decorations. Book your shooting booth, either with guns or arrow throwing. The classic can throwing game should not be missing at any fair event. In addition, there are many seating options, also with tents including beer table sets or round tables. You can also book the marquee through us and we will plan it in detail.

Book Summerfest Events 2023 - Mobile Events with Fairground Theme with b-ceed and Bright and Epic

In addition, there will be live music or DJ performances, walking acts such as belly-shop girls or our well-known shoe shiners, who are more magicians than clean elves and have a lot on the kerpholz.

Do you want to get more info about the fair in summer? Click here to go to your mobile fair.

2nd Mobile Street Food Festival

Another way to turn your company premises into an outdoor gourmet temple is our mobile street food festival. We erect white pagoda tents in rows, squares or even circles around your company premises . Each tent offers one to two unique street food dishes that will spoil you with culinary delights. Corresponding drinks and wines will be served.

Food Tasting Meets Summer Party Event

So if you are looking for a very high quality taste experience at your summer party 2023, the mobile street food festival is also a real feast for the eyes. We will transform your company premises into a place of pleasure, where all your employees will meet for culinary delights. White pagodas, floral decorations, wooden bars and large umbrellas to entice guests with shady spots on hot summer days.

Book Summer Festival Events 2023 - Mobile Events with Street Food Festival Theme with b-ceed and Bright and Epic

Summer Festival 2023 with Street Food Festival

For the summer party on the company premises all sorts of other services are added. We provide you with entertainment and lighting in the evening. We provide the appropriate room and table decorations. And finally, you can also obtain a large marquee, live cooking highlights and music from us. Everything from one source. Everything planned by a professional. Are you ready for your Street Food Festival as a summer party event 2023?

Do you want to learn more about the Street Food Festival as a mobile summer festival? Click here to go to the Food Festival.

3rd Mobile Beach Party

Mobile summer party ideas are a hit with large companies. As an event planning company we work with full service and even bring tons of sand. Like for example our beach summer party 'Off to the South'. We create a beach feeling in your company and transform your premises into a beach. Palm trees in pots, beach flags, deck chairs and all kinds of sand activities are obligatory.

Are you ready for the Beach Contest in Teams?

We will equip you with sand toys at the Beach Contest and you will build the best sand castles. You can look forward to games like duck fishing, tug-of-war and, if the wind is good, kite flying. Our beach contests are pure teambuilding events and challenge your employees to eat large amounts of melons or to guess drinks by taste.

Book Summer Party Events 2023 - Mobile events with beach theme with b-ceed and Bright and Epic.

Barbecue buffet and live cooking for the summer party

For the general appetite we provide with a beach barbecue, which we prepare live before your eyes. Lots of tasty treats to underline the beach feeling at your summer party, cool drinks, bottled cocktails and wines from the ice bath are just some of the highlights that will take your breath away on this day. And when evening falls on your beach, fire bowls, torches and merrengue sounds will come into play. Either we start our DJ sessions or you book our live bands.

Do you want to know more about the company summer party 'Off to the South'? Click here to go to the Beach Summer Party.

Book Summer Party Events 2023 - Corporate Travel to Mallorca and Spain with b-ceed and Bright and Epic

Alternative corporate events for summer 2023

Not every company has 100 or more employees and can plan large corporate events. So if you have a smaller team, it doesn't matter. Many of our events can be perfectly booked as a company outing. So you can enjoy one or even more days of your summer party outside the office. If you have a larger budget available or are even planning a company anniversary, we can possibly inspire you with our popular company trips to Mallorca or offer other incentive trips.

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