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Soon the year 2023 begins and with it we start into a new Kick Off Team Event season. Here you will find the best Kick Off Events 2023. Find out what motivates us, because our motivation is your advantage. We are preparing you for the new business year 2023 and are already revealing the most popular Kick Off Team Events for small and large teams.

Virtual events become live kick offs again

While we have experienced many virtual kick-offsin the last two years, we are now taking giant steps back towards live events as we knew them before the Corona pandemic. But the fact is that some companies, especially those with multiple locations, still count on virtual events. This is only mentioned in passing, as virtual kick off events still represent favorable alternatives without high travel costs for companies. All in all, kick off team events will again increasingly take place live in 2023 and we think that's great!

Three Kick Off Team Events 2023 that will motivate you

For your Kick Off Team Event 2023 you can choose from several teambuilding ideas. We offer you the full portfolio from creative to sporty team events, which should not be missing for the Kick Off. You can either book our services modularly, i.e. as a 2-6 hour team event, or you can commission us to accompany the entire Kick Off event with coaching elements. And here are our three most popular Kick Off Team Events 2023:

1. build labyrinth in team

Kick Off 2023 team event labyrinth build - b-ceed events and bright and epic agency

Imagine a room, whether square or rectangular does not matter. The room is empty in the middle, only on the sides are wooden elements 2.10 meters high and a total of 1.40 meters wide. In the middle of the elements are joints, with which the labyrinth elements can be turned in different directions. Building Labrynth is your teambuilding event for Kick Off 2023, which has it all. You will build a labyrinth together from an incredible number of wooden elements. Your room will be transformed into a maze from which you have to get out and back in again. Your only way to build a team maze is to think together from four corners.

Building a labyrinth is very challenging and as a team event for the Kick Off Event 2023 an outstanding possibility to get your team of 10 - 50 guests motivated for the new year. Do you have any questions? Call us: +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0.

2. legendary: the Team Puzzle Painting for teams of any size

Kick Off 2023 Team Event Puzzle Team Event - b-ceed events und bright and epic agency

For almost 8 years we have been creating small to huge puzzles with our probably most creative teambuilding. Our works are not made of cardboard, but of high-quality MDF boards. You play with your goals for the new year and with your values in relation to your team the big and supporting role in the puzzle team painting event. Together with you we develop a slogan or a claim and matching motifs. The team event is perfect for a Kick Off 2023, when you want to work together with your team mates on goals and values for the new year. In 2 to 10 hours, depending on your wishes, not only works of art for your office will be created, but also goals that (must) be achieved.

A puzzle team painting team event is ideal for teams of 10 people and more and also perfectly suited for large groups with up to 1000 guests. A creative kick off team event 2023 is therefore guaranteed. Do you have any questions? Call us: +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0.

3. build a bridge - the team event with craftsmanship

Kick Off 2023 Team Event Bruecken Bauen - b-ceed events and bright and epic agency

In front of you is a pile of material, not garbage or leftover materials from the last housing project, but high-quality materials. Wooden elements, metal grids, screws, nails, foam, polystyrene, and so on. Together we will prepare you for a team event with craftsmanship, without you having to be craftsmen. And for a Kick Off 2023 that could not be more symbolic. The Brückenbau team event has become a cult event with us. Many companies have built high, wide, multi-lane and even trafficable bridges with us. Together with you, we develop the bridge of your future. For a kick-off, bridge building is both motivating and symbolic. You can realize your goals together and exactly the team spirit in your company should be thought of with a bridge building. Look forward to fun in the team, joint works and focus on the future.

A bridge building team event is perfect as a Kick Off 2023 for teams from 10 to 250 people. Depending on the size of the group, one or more bridges with different styles will be built and set up. Do you have any questions? Call us: +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0

When is the best time to plan a Kick Off Team Event 2023?

If you are currently thinking about planning a kick-off event for 2023, you should first consider your business year and your goals for the new year. For example, if your year begins with the calendar year, the months of January and February are ideal for a Kick Off Team Event 2023. In these months, the year is still young and your team is still motivated by the Christmas season and winter break.

Why should I even plan a Kick Off 2023?

Focus you and your team on the goals for the new year and develop strategies together to evaluate new and old products and services. You can use a Kick Off Teambuilding perfectly to hear the opinion of your team and include it in your business planning. But it's not just about numbers and sales, it's more about how your teammates identify with the company. If you involve your employees in important business decisions, you will find that your colleagues are much more engaged with your company, your values and your goals. It also makes sense in some cases to leave the office and go on a joint trip - a company outing 2023, for example, is a good way to combine a kick-off with a team event.


The Kick Off Team Event 2023 will be live again and promises an almost entirely new kind of corporate strategy. After more than two years of Corona Pandemic, it's time again to look each other live in the eye when it comes to important decisions about the company and the team's goals. We are looking forward to a very exciting time between creative, coaching and active kick off events and will make this time more productive together with you.

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