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Already today we want to give you tips and experiences for a company outing in 2023 and show you how you can save through early bird specials . The new year 2023 is coming faster than we thought. Many companies like yours will also be planning at least one company outing in the coming year. What exciting activities and experiences are waiting for you for such a company outing 2023, you can read here in this article.

Why should you plan a company outing?

This is the question many of our clients ask themselves before they find us on the web or through recommendations. Before we tell you three of the best company outings 2023, we want to briefly explain why such a team activity is important.

On the one hand, your employees will experience a kind of distraction effect. Outside the office or the company, teams usually show a completely different, positive side. The colleague from accounting, for example, absolutely blossoms during activities such as a wine hike . The quiet programmer from the other office is suddenly the team leader in a soapbox race. And other teams come closer together, for example, on the farm during a joint Farm Olympics.

A company outing is therefore a very powerful, intense experience for all involved, which can primarily promote motivation and a sense of togetherness. Therefore, every company, no matter what size it is, should undertake such a company outing at least 1x a year. Such an experience is pure team building .

Company outing 2023 Tip: Farm Olympics with farm barbecue - bceed eventagentur and bright and epic

Tip 1: Team day on the farm

Our company outing to the farm is one of the most popular team events of all. Almost no company wants to miss this kind of we-feeling. A team day on the farm is also probably the most intense kind of change of scenery, because hardly any company has its location between chickens, cows and lots of straw bales.

It all starts across Europe on our partner farms with a team competition that we call Farm Olympics. Everything is possible, from simple disciplines such as rubber boot throwing to wheelbarrow races and tractor rallies.

Here come three of our best disciplines:

  • Cow milking with our cow "Betty" - the best wooden cow in the world
  • Scarecrow construction with life size specimens
  • Tractor races on vintage tractors (possible depending on the farm)

Another highlight of a company outing on the farm is our barbecue in the evening. We serve you a great final dinner in the evening on the farm with live barbecue grilling and delicious salads - everything vital, just as it should be. Plus cool drinks and music on request.

Company outing 2023 Tip: Soapbox building and soapbox racing with award ceremony - full day event - bceed eventagentur and bright and epic

Tip 2: Soap Box Race

Soapboxes are cult and also our company outing on four wheels without one horsepower has long reached cult status. Even with small groups, such a soapbox race is a lot of fun. But not only the race is a highlight, because before that all soapboxes have to be built by you.

Hardly any event planning company in Europe offers the soapbox team event in its form like we do. Awaiting you is an almost all-day team event of superlatives. The soapbox sets have to be assembled, styled and prepared in teams. Each team receives tools, spray cans, paints, varnishes and protective suits. Already the first minutes will weld you together as a team, because how often do you see the colleague next door in full protective gear?

No matter where you want: plan soapbox races everywhere

The soapbox team event is a company outing that can take place anywhere. Preferably on open spaces with the possibility to build a race track. Because while you build, hammer and decorate with your teams, we will build your race course.

At the end, an award ceremony beckons with victory figures, trophies and magnum bottles. Catering and more are also available upon request. The soapbox race is one of our most popular company outings for small and very large teams and has already had more than 5,000 soapboxes built throughout Europe.

Company outing 2023 Tip: Hiking in the Eifel Team events with final barbecue - bceed eventagentur and bright and epic

Tip 3: Adventure Eifel - hiking and motor sports

Many places from the past are hidden in the Eifel. Hardly any other region in Germany or Europe offers so many possibilities to plan a company outing in nature. Our most popular Eifel hiking tour starts at the Vogelsang Fortress in Schleiden and takes you through the deep forests towards the Rursee. On a guided hiking tour of about 4 hours you will discover impressive buildings, a piece of primeval forest and even a ghost village.

Included in the tour are our trolleys and, if desired, complete catering with snacks, fruit and drinks. At the end of the half-day tour, you have the option of a barbecue buffet at the Rursee in an exclusive location. If you like it a bit more active and are not afraid of rocks and stones, then our off-road tour through the Eifel is certainly the best choice. With Polaris vehicles it goes cross-country past lakes, rivers and partly also through the middle. A trip with the company can not be more exciting.

Our tip for early bookers

We are currently offering you our most popular company outings 2023 with an early bird special. Book your company outing by February 28, 2023 and receive either a snack package per participant or a special 10% discount per guest. Limited availability, as we only offer this special to the first 1,000 participants. So: it pays to be quick.

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