3 reasons to celebrate the company anniversary properly

3 reasons to plan and celebrate your company's anniversary. Bright & Epic Event Group and b-ceed event agency

You should celebrate your company anniversary in a proper way, but you don't know where to start with the planning? We help you to rock the event.

You are a successful company that has developed steadily over the years. Now a significant event is coming up - your company anniversary. So the company anniversary needs to be celebrated and here are three good reasons why you need to plan an unforgettable event.

The company anniversary for employees: to celebrate properly out of appreciation and gratitude

A company anniversary is a wonderful occasion to thank all the people who have contributed to your company's success. From dedicated employees to loyal customers and business partners, they've all helped get your company where it is today. By hosting a celebration, you are showing your appreciation for their support and recognizing their hard work. This not only creates a positive work atmosphere, but also strengthens the sense of togetherness within the team.

Increase image and brand awareness of the company with the company anniversary

A company anniversary is a great opportunity to put your brand and company front and center. By planning and executing an event, you can attract attention and stand out from the competition. Use the event to showcase your successes, innovations and milestones. A professional event agency like Bright & Epic can help you design the anniversary in a way that effectively conveys your message and strengthens your image. A well-planned celebration will leave positive memories with guests and increase your company's brand awareness.

Use the company anniversary as a basis for the future: Promoting team spirit and employee motivation

A company anniversary is not only an opportunity to celebrate the past, but also a chance to shape the future. By involving your team in the planning and organization of the event, you can strengthen team spirit and increase motivation to master new challenges. Joint projects and activities promote cohesion and help employees feel part of a large community. A successful company anniversary can also serve as a springboard for upcoming goals and challenges by strengthening belief in your own strength and team cohesion.

Top event theme for a company anniversary: Streetfood Festival

As a basis for an unusual event for your company anniversary, besides the typical motto (which usually includes the year of the company) is also the event theme. The Street Food Festival comes alone by its culinary freshness, coupled with the casual street food flair. The event can be held year-round, indoors and out. If you wish, we can set up the entire event on your company premises and provide culinary highlights.

Summer party with catering - Streetfood Festival mobile

You can extend the event theme Street Food Festival with entertainment for young and old, music, stages and team games. Also raffles, quiz games and more is possible. The obligatory cotton candy for the little (and big) guests may not be missing. In addition, the furniture, lighting, the entire scenery and a large measure of creativity, so that we make your company anniversary a real street food festival.

Event classic that always goes to the company anniversary: The Oktoberfest

We plan the mobile Oktoberfest for you. Whether on your company premises or in a location. We have even transformed an airport into an Oktoberfest location and catered for several thousand guests at the same time. As an event agency for companies, we not only plan the event, but also carry it out completely with our in-house catering crew.

Oktoberfest event for companies as mobile summer party and autumn party booking at b-ceed and Bright and Epic event agency

Let us transform your desired location into a blue and white Oktoberfest scenery. Decoration is the be-all and end-all and also the food and drinks are authentic. In addition, we offer you - depending on the budget - from mega DJ to live band to well-known Schuhplattler bands the best entertainment that you can expect at your Oktoberfest for your company anniversary.

Also games like 'Hau den Lukas', 'Barrel run', 'Beer mug lift' and more may not be missing. The obligatory nail bars are ready all the time and are waiting to be hammered by you. Fancy a mobile Oktoberfest for your company anniversary?


A company anniversary is a significant event that is worth celebrating. By planning an unforgettable event, you can show your appreciation, strengthen your image and promote team spirit. Don't hesitate to call in a professional event agency to ensure that your company anniversary is a success. Celebrate your successes, thank the people who support you.

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