Christmas like Great Gatsby- Time travel to the 20s

The 20s Christmas party with a lot of glamour

Have you seen the movie "The Great Gatsby"? It wasn't until 2013 that the 1925 novel was remade into a film. Impressive costumes and impressive party scenes ran through the entire film. That's how you should party, you think to yourself. Why not?

Danceable Charleston beats and pure joie de vivre

Motto parties are very trendy at the moment. However, it is especially stylish to celebrate in the 20s format. Immerse yourself in the era of fishnet tights, feather boas and pinstripe suits at this year's Christmas party. The Roaring Twenties, the short period roughly between 1924 and 1929, were so special that we still celebrate them today. After that, the exuberance was abruptly halted by the Great Depression. But during that time, the economic boom made people extremely optimistic and profligate. And so they celebrated: Exuberant and as if there were no tomorrow.

A DJ provides the right music for the 20s event. Groovy Charleston, jazz and swinging rhythms fill the dance floor. Here no guest remains sitting quietly. The 20s Christmas party is suitable both as a fun party and as a glamorous gala for your company.

A carefree and affordable Christmas party

As exuberant as the people back then, you can also celebrate your Christmas party 2016. Only we pay close attention to your budget. The complete celebration will be organized by us according to your ideas. Stylish decoration put you in the time of glamour. Fashionable highlights may not be missing: Pearl necklaces, slouch hats and feather boas for your guests are a real must. Your guests will remember this 20s event for a long time.

What should not be missing at any Christmas party? The right catering, of course. As always, b-ceed offers a full-service package. High-quality food matching the motto will be served according to your taste. In addition, there are further highlights such as dancers, walking acts and a photographer. Because the wonderful moments at your 20s Christmas party should never be forgotten!

Do you also want to have a Great Gatsby Party in 20s style? Then call us without obligation: +49 (0) 2251-929 3300

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