3 popular stag party events

Today we present three popular events for your stag party 2022, which you can experience together online and outdoors. As an event planning company, we are primarily the partner of choice for corporate clients and agencies. However, we have created some event ideas that also guarantee great experiences for you privately. A stag party in particular requires a lot of event planning. Therefore, it is not surprising that you may also want to have an event planning company at your side when it comes to event planning for the stag party.

All three options are perfect for a stag party 2022 and are guaranteed to make your day unforgettable. It doesn't matter whether you're celebrating in your neighbourhood or abroad. Everything is possible, because it's no longer the case that stag parties are only celebrated in the nearest town.

Stag party with the Globe Chaser scavenger hunt app

With our experience app "Globe Chaser" you have the opportunity to explore new places and get to know them. Especially with a tour of nearby bars and restaurants, you can experience a stag party from a different perspective and enjoy the local atmosphere as well as a few drinks. Such a scavenger hunt is a lot of fun and at the same time guides you safely along the party route.

We support you in realising a successful evening and create an individual scavenger hunt for you. Exciting and fun tasks will be integrated into the individual routes and can include questions about the bride or groom as well as exciting challenges. We will be happy to take on your ideas and suggestions and create a pub crawl or sightseeing adventure together with you.

"Escape The Wedding"

Create your own stag party with our online Escape Game "The Wedding" and help the bride to save her own wedding. You can play our online Escape Room 'Escape the Wedding' together and enjoy the time together. Online team events have been the talk of the town ever since the Corona Pandemic. Mix a cocktail, exchange ideas and decipher the individual puzzles together, which will lead you through the story piece by piece. Of course, we can also send you an individual cocktail party box with a few surprises hidden inside. This way, your team event will not only be fun, but also sparkling.

At your request, the names of the bride and groom can be integrated into the online game. This makes for a perfect and individualised stag party that you won't forget in a hurry. You can play together in one team, in several teams or everyone against everyone. It's up to you.

Enjoy the online escape game "The Wedding" from home and save the wedding.

Enjoy and experience Amsterdam

A city trip to Amsterdam for a stag party offers many historical sights and not only cheese and clogs, but also lots of fun to spend a stag party there. 

If you prefer a stag party as a city break, the neighbouring country of Holland is a great choice. Your stag party group has many options here. Your stag party group has many options there. Of course, a boat trip along the numerous canals is a must on a city trip to Amsterdam, because that is what distinguishes the port city!

A unique cheese, wine and song experience awaits you, which you can enjoy on a boat. But also various games that will introduce you to the beauty of the region.

Stag party with b-ceed

So, as you can see, stag parties today are feasible in many ways! We plan, organise and carry out exciting trips and events of all kinds. With us as a full service event planning company, many things are possible.

With one of these three options, you'll stand out from the mainstream bachelor party and have your very own individual party that no one will easily copy.

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