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From team building to personality development and communication, b-pep is the brand that is now active in a wide range of fields. With interactive training modules b-pep inspires immediately companies, managers and private individuals alike. Managing Director Philipp Marvin Müller proudly presents the new brand for seminars, personal development and team building for the German market.

A new force on the German seminar market

"We are very proud to have this brand on the market. We are revolutionising the seminar and training sector to a certain extent and, with individual combinations of diverse topics and interactive training modules, we are ensuring long-lasting changes in the mind and spirit," says Managing Director Philipp Marvin Müller, starting our conversation about the launch of b-ceed's new successful brand.

Seminars, hypnosis and personality development from one source

There's no question about it: everyone can change their personality and break new ground. Whether in private life or in business: those who shape and individualise their personality become successful. The category team building is already known from b-ceed and has established itself on the market. Under the own brand "b-pep: we develop personalities" new modules and impulses are added and offered in the field of communication as well as its promotion, hypnosis for personality development and strengthening of mentality. The portfolio appeals equally to people from trainees to managers of large companies. Because often it is identical topics that occupy and are accompanied by inhibiting fear, for example. Seminars on learning to learn, on communication and on strengthening charisma are some of the offers already taking place at the beginning of the coming year. Those who want to use hypnosis to gain more strength and free inner blockages will find professional support in this regard on the path to their personal development. Registration for all seminars is done online with one click and confirmed by the provider after receipt.

personality development, teambuilding, seminars, brand workshops and more: the new brand of b-ceed! b-pep
The new brand of b-ceed! Seminars, workshops, trainings in sales, marketing, personal development and teambuilding.

The in-house brand "b-pep: we develop personalities" stands for innovation and zeitgeist, for personality development and team building through combinations of event and seminar. And this combination is completely new on the market. The focus is on having fun and discovering new things. Boredom and monotony are excluded in the seminars as in the entire b-pep concept.

Do something for yourself: b-pep supports with expertise!

There are situations in every life through which it is time for a U-turn and the big quantum leap. This is where b-pep comes into play and presents numerous seminars, hypnosis for the solution of deep-seated fears and barriers, as well as training courses that promote personality development and strengthen the ability to communicate. No matter for which of the seminars potenzielel participants decide, expertise in the execution and a noticeable result do not let wait long for itself. In addition, there is a blog at b-pep, where a lot of important information can be read and new knowledge can be gained. With transparency, competence and diversity, Philipp Marvin Müller talks about the stagnation that arises from the standard and takes away the space for creativity and zeitgeist. His partner Gianni Antonio Murgia is an expert in the field of personal development and communication. A strong team, then, for profound and sustainable change processes for people and companies.

The first seminar dates for 2018 are already fixed

So if you want to get to know new events for team building, go into hypnosis for personality development or consolidate your communication skills, you should take a look at the seminars offered by b-pep and start directly with the new year into a new life, a new professional portfolio and new thoughts. The change is in the foreground.

"Give your best every day and expand your competencies by avoiding stagnation and remaining curious ..." says Philipp Marvin Müller from b-pep. "... With b-pep you will find the seminars that support you effectively and in a goal-oriented way!"

Do you need a direct teambuilding event without a seminar? Here you can find the cheaper but effectively designed team events from b-ceed.

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