Identify your customers through B2B target group analysis

target group analysis in the b2b sector - b-ceed the events and seminars

Who are my potential customers?"

Only those who know their target group can fully align marketing and sales with potential customers. The analysis of target groups in the B2B area is just as important as the knowledge of the target group in B2C. It is counterproductive if entrepreneurs carry out the B2B target group analysis once and assume in the future that the needs and demands of potential customers will remain the same. Because wishes and orientations are changeable. Those who continuously analyze target groups in the B2B area will always come up with the right strategies in marketing and sales.

target group analysis in the b2b sector - b-ceed the events and seminarsRequirements in B2B target group analysis differ from those of B2C

By analyzing target groups in B2B, the entrepreneur learns what his business customers need and how they think. The criteria for successful B2B sales differ from marketing and communication in B2C. For business to business, expert status, brand awareness and a company's image play a particularly important role. Through B2B target group analysis, it is advisable to segment the entire market and make a rough pre-selection of potential key accounts. Important details before analyzing target groups in B2B here are, for example, the size and location of the focused companies, their liquidity and market share as well as their consumption and decision-making behavior. In any analysis of target groups in B2B, one proceeds with the greatest care and checks potential customers for their solvency, for their added value for one's own company and, of course, for the opportunity that can arise from the business partnership.

Psychology in B2B target group analysis

Through the B2B target group analysis and the research in the business environment, one has learned the most important aspects. But now it is about convincing a person and addressing decision-makers in companies. Also in this point, the analysis of target groups in the B2B area is advantageous, provided that it is underpinned with a personal strategy elaborated on the psychology of the person. Conduct market research, because this is the basis of any B2B target group analysis and helps you to know the needs of your business to business customers and to approach the right people with a psychological edge with exactly the right words.

Analysis of target groups in the B2B area based on various values

Even if you do not sell and analyse for end customers, you should know the end customers of your business partnerships. Only if you analyze this factor unerringly, you will address the appropriate companies and save yourself from loss of time and costs caused by strategic persuasion of the wrong target group. The demographic aspect, the age of the company's end customers, behavioral patterns and decision criteria should be analyzed and included in your strategic sales and marketing. If you focus solely on the company and leave out its end customers, you could possibly use your potential without the desired effect and move away from your goal.

Our advice, then:

Analyze the competition and find out the personal characteristics of the decision-makers you want to impress with your marketing and convince of your products or services. B2B target group analysis needs a lot of tact and a high degree of psychological understanding. As an event planning company, we use such tools every day to get to know and understand our customers better, so that at the end of the day not only the sphere of influence but also the turnover of the company is boosted.

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