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What does Event Operations Manager at b-ceed actually mean?

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Since the beginning of the month, I've been a part of the b-ceed team as Event Operations Manager, or gender correct Manager. But what does that actually mean? Besides answering customer inquiries and preparing suitable offers, I mainly take care of the planning and exact execution of the events. This starts directly after the order confirmation, with the booking of the location and the planning of the event.

Event planning as part of daily business

For this purpose, a schedule is created. This includes the start and end of the event, as well as when and where exactly which program item takes place. The project management and possible assistants must also be planned. Then all service providers are booked, of course always on the basis of the offer in consultation with the customer and his wishes. These steps are usually the same, no matter how long the event is. The earlier everything is booked in advance, the more relaxed it is towards the end. When everything is confirmed and booked, the event can start.

After the planning is before the planning

However, my work is not over with the end of the event. At the end of each event, the event is checked. Has everything been billed and delivered correctly? What is the feedback from the customer? Where is there a need for optimisation? For example, if photo documentation is still included, the pictures still have to be viewed, edited and then sent.

Event Operations - no two events are the same

No event is like the other. It is precisely this diversity that makes the work so exciting. Different customers, industries and regions always require an individual approach instead of a run-of-the-mill structure. Not only technical aspects, but especially soft skills are in the foreground. Every client has different ideas and values, so every event is different.

A "normal" day at b-ceed: events

Every morning we hold a short meeting to discuss the day's goals. This way, everyone knows what the other is working on, who has air to help and where help is needed. This makes our work much easier. Everyone has their strengths, but it works best as a team. We can rely on each other and I have more time, for example, to look after my customers intensively and to plan the events perfectly down to the last detail.

How I got into event management:

After my bachelor's degree, I worked for a year in event management at an international corporation, where I laid the practical groundwork for this path. I then decided to complete a master's degree in business administration with a focus on sports and event management in order to have the necessary theoretical foundations for this field. I have now been with b-ceed in the beautiful Voreifel region for just under four weeks. Here I particularly like the short communication channels between employees and management, as well as the open, direct and fair exchange among each other. Creativity and individuality are in demand every day, which makes the daily tasks enormously exciting for me. I especially like the planning of our company trips . There are a few more points to consider here than on a company outing to the Eifel, for example.

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