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A brilliant Christmas party is coming up! On December 16th we celebrate with Paddy Goes to Holyhead live at the Swissôtel in Düsseldorf-Neuss. The ticket presale is running and we are looking forward to the day. You don't know Paddy Schmidt and his band yet? We want to change that...

The folk-rock band Paddy Goes to Holyhead has been around since 1988. With famous titles like "Far Away" or "Here's to the people" they became known and popular. The special charisma of the group and the closeness to the audience make their performances simply unique. Paddy Goes to Holyhead are not like all other folk bands. With Paddy Schmidt's smoky whisky voice, Celtic harmonica and an electric fiddle, they create a very special sound. And their fans have loved them for it for over 25 years.

The Real Irish Christmas Party with Paddy

Whoever has experienced Paddy solo or together with the band live, knows what we are talking about. Full-blooded entertainers with heart are on stage and give everything. And that's exactly how you will experience them at our Real Irish Christmas Party. We are very happy to work together with this great band. On Friday, December 16th at the Swissôtel in Neuss, the whole band will perform and transform the hotel into an Irish pub with a great atmosphere. Besides Paddy (whose real name is Harald Kligge), Jo Nauman from the Grünerzeit is in the band on keyboards. The bass is played by Uhu Bender, Kalle Spriesterbach is on drums and Nicole Ansperger plays the electric violin. A few "MP3 snippets" to listen to can be found on the band's homepage. The website of the band is not the most modern, but the band from Darmstadt doesn't need that. The success proves them right and the tours in 2017 are already planned.

b-ceed presents: Paddy Goes to Holyhead on Tour 2017

We can already reveal one thing about the big tour round 2017: b-ceed will be there! Together with Pady Goes to Holyhead we are planning a total of three tours in Germany. Three months - three tours - three regions. We are currently in the process of determining the exact dates and locations. In any case Paddy Goes to Holyhead will come to the Ruhrpott and to the north of Germany. You can look forward to great Irish-Folk concerts. Each ticket will cost under 20 $, food and drinks will of course be provided.

Click through the homepage of the sympathetic folk band and get in the mood for the Real Irish Christmas Party that is coming up!

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