Checklist and tips for the location visit

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Do you have a site inspection scheduled?

Here is your checklist and tips for your next location visit.

Events require good planning. Site inspection describes the thorough examination of a venue. Do the conditions suit your event? Does the location meet your requirements? This inspection should definitely take place in good time and be carried out personally by the client or event organiser. Beforehand, a checklist should have been drawn up and detailed information about the event should be available. Well prepared, it is best to meet the location owner in person to have the best contact person for all questions.

Address open issues directly

On the other hand, the location contact person also knows what is important for the event in his premises and what needs to be observed. What do both parties expect from each other? Open questions should be addressed directly here. So far so good, but what does such a location inspection actually look like and how does one proceed? The location was selected in advance on the basis of various factors. Location, climate, infrastructure and customer wishes play a fundamental role. When you are on site for the first time, things become more concrete.

Site inspection: here is a checklist for your next site inspection

The site inspection checks the location for various aspects.

  • Access routes: Is delivery, assembly and dismantling possible without any problems? Also for trucks?
  • Escape routes: Is there a good escape plan and are the routes well signposted?
  • Do you still have to make adjustments for larger numbers of participants?
  • Power connections: Where are the outlets? Are there enough of them and is there also high voltage current?
  • Sanitary facilities and accessibility: Is the location accessible for people with disabilities?
  • Furniture: Is there enough equipment available or do you still have to get some?
  • Are there storage facilities on site?
  • Dimensions: What is how high/width/barrier? Does everything fit?
  • Requirements of the authorities: What still needs to be applied for and approved?
  • What deadlines and regulations must be observed here? It is essential to think about this in good time!
  • Access hours: Is access to the location possible at any time or is it night-time?
  • Parking facilities: Are there sufficient parking facilities available without blocking traffic routes?
  • Are the parking spaces public or private?
  • Are larger vehicles belonging to service providers allowed to park here without any problems?
  • Is there wifi?
  • Security/Cleaning: At what times do the staff come?
  • Is there a time overlap?
  • Who are the contact persons? It is best to create a telephone list.

Recommendation: consult a professional event planning company

Of course, the points vary depending on the type of event, but the procedure is usually the same. If your event is more complex, it is advisable to work with an experienced event planning company. An event planning company can usually answer questions for which you otherwise have no plan. In addition, an event planning company can ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that the planning runs smoothly. If the event is still in the distant future, a further site inspection together with the event planning company is recommended. This way, clients and partners can be sure that the conditions have not changed and that there will probably be a nasty surprise on the day of the event. Finally, if everything went well and the event was a success, you should also tell the operator of the location and thank them for their cooperation. This way, the cooperation can also work out well in the future!

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