2020 Celebrate Christmas

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A turbulent year draws to a close

Christmas is the celebration of family and friends, not only in times of the Corona pandemic, the whole thing can become a celebration of loneliness. The expectations of Christmas are set too high, Christmas can not be solved problems in the family that have accumulated in 364 days. The whole thing becomes a roller coaster of emotions, with or without family, almost everyone suffers as soon as the personal expectations of Christmas do not come true. Lonely at Christmas, this will become a reality in 2020 not only for those who do not have a family for a variety of reasons. The Christmas season 2020 will be spent secluded this year, social contacts will be reduced to a minimum, can that go well?

Celebrate Christmas time without the family?

There are always conflicts in the family, they must be regularly discussed and solved, otherwise pent-up feelings are discharged under the festively decorated Christmas tree. While some have a family for communicative exchange, the wires run hot at the telephone counselling service, at the other end are the lonely who no longer have a family and want to talk. On Christmas Day, the whole thing becomes an emotional ordeal. Everyone is seemingly happy, those living alone with no family can't experience moments of happiness surrounded by family. Seafarers know this, often having to celebrate Christmas without family and being connected to the outside world on contactless digital contacts via the internet. Christmas activities prevent passivity and constant reflection, fixed Christmas structures distract from the possible gloom and the social stigma of prescribed loneliness.

christmas party with mobile christmas market | b-ceed: eventsSOS at Christmas time of all times?

Romantic atmosphere, couples everywhere at the Christmas markets. This year, the Christmas markets are failing as a meeting place. SOS, visitors need to find other ways to meet and prepare for Christmas. A stringing together of three holidays, that's the unemotional statement of non-believers. Getting together with friends or family to celebrate the holidays, that is more difficult to do in times of Corona restrictions. Loneliness at Christmas time is bound to happen in 2020? The best Christmas ever can be made more difficult due to the risk of viruses. Travelling and meeting like-minded people, such loopholes are hardly feasible in 2020. The first Christmas together would like to celebrate freshly in love under the fir tree, so some couples makes the relationship at a distance a dash through the bill. Everyone sparks SOS and looks for ways out of the festive loneliness.

Don't lose your Christmas orientation in the lockdown

Christmas is an anchor for society, a busy year is coming to an end. This may be celebrated with the family if it is possible. Self-doubt can arise when the planned Christmas season must be celebrated alone because one or more family members are not allowed to visit due to lockdown. A phone call is not enough, face-to-face contact is lacking. A visit at Christmas is a bright spot in the dark season, communicating without contact does not have the same value as in-person Christmas rituals locally. Christmas activities are the sought after anchor for the whole family, without an anchor every ship loses its hold in the harbour. Being close to the other person is a traditional value at Christmas that no bought gift can replace in the long run.

Fear of social isolation Christmas 2020?

From one day to the next, 2020 has changed familiar professional and private structures, contactless Christmas inspires personal disorientation. What happens next? Loneliness is stigmatized as a flaw and decreed due to the current situation. Young people, who learned more at home in 2020, suffer from cramped living conditions. Merry Christmas in 2020, this can only be done if each family finds an individual solution to celebrate. Inviting Christian neighbors to celebrate, that's what turns two lonely people into a Christmas duo for the holidays, happily exchanging Christmas stories. The true meaning of Christmas as the most beautiful holiday of the year is to avoid a gloomy mood for a while if possible.

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