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The first horror team event in Germany that can take place almost anywhere and will catapult your team out of reality. We have produced a trailer for the horror event that will blow you away.

Centuries ago, two sisters of a poor peasant family in the area disappeared without a trace in the forest. Nobody has ever found them. In search of the truth you will experience a real horror event. Feel your fears and become part of the interactive spectacle. You yourself play a crucial role in this scenario.

Completely unique in Germany

Experience fear in a new dimension. Back in the year of the crime, you have only a few tools at your disposal. A little light and a compass to find your way in the dark forest. Feel the primal fears of man: Fear of the dark and the unknown. What is in store for you?

Experience how we play with your psyche and make you doubt your sanity. It's all a game. Or is it? All we need for the realization of the event is a suitable forest near you. This means that the team event can be played in almost all forests in Germany, including those near you.

Project: Fear begins NOW

We also offer the horror team event in German and English. Ideal for English-speaking employees or business customers. Leave an impression with a unique event that no one has experienced before. Go on a journey into the past of the 19th century and explore why the two sisters never returned.

If you wish, you can have a barbecue in a suitable forest hut afterwards. So your guests get the adrenaline back under control and enjoy the evening with beer and barbecue. Meet the murderers, victims and false suspects after the event at a cosy get-together around the campfire. The event is ideal for small or larger groups. We divide you into groups according to the number of participants. So you don't have to worry that the experience won't be scary enough for too large a group.

Unique. Scary. Like "real". The absolute horror! For the first impression we have now finished our event trailer. It conveys the real "Project: Fear Feeling" and shows you what you can look forward to.
More information about the team event and the brand new trailer can be found directly on the Project: Fear page on our homepage.

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