Farm day with the team: active company outings

Pure farm event - discover country lust: A summery-rustic farm Olympics with barbecue and full throttle by b-ceed.

A team day in the summer with fun and full throttle.

Farm day with tractor race, farm olympics and BBQ

The team day on the farm is the trendy company outing for the summer. Get a breath of fresh country air together and have a lot of fun with innovative games, a farm Olympics and a crowning final barbecue. It's time for some varied event ideas. Farm day is guaranteed to amaze your team. Motivate your employees and travel together with b-ceed to the most beautiful farm facilities in Germany. Experience an unforgettable team day on the farm.

Rubber boot throwing on the farm day with b-ceed: events

Farm Olympics: The highlight of Farm Day

This company outing will be an adventure! You can put your skills to the test in the tractor race. Endurance and a bit of madness are required. Who will make it and who will come first on the best farm course? For the creative participants in your team, we have the perfect alternative: building the most beautiful scarecrow. Say goodbye to classic hiking tours, city tours or geocaching and say hello to what is probably the best company outing: the farm day!

Wheelbarrow race at the farm day with b-ceed: events

Games, fun and a portion of employee motivation

What is the secret recipe to motivate employees sustainably? Our next-level company outing is the solution. Experience a Farm Olympics that is as individual and unique as the participants. At your farm day, we customize the activities and stations according to your needs and desires. Whether it's a horseshoe toss, a wheelbarrow race or an interesting quiz game, let our 'Games Catalogue' inspire you.

Crowning BBQ conclusion at the Farm Day

We get it, this farm day has a lot to offer. What better way to end this company outing idea than with a hearty barbecue for you and your team. Fresh ingredients, crunchy vegetables and juicy meat will be served. Lively drinks or cocktails should not be missing on such an evening. But we still have an optional highlight for you. Experience the true country lust with a special torchlight hike. Let the almost perfect day come to an end with a lot of fun, games and good mood during a joint hike.

Plan your company outing to the farm now with b-ceed: events!

A farm day is definitely a great idea for the company outing with the company. Experience now a unique outing that combines games, gorgeous scenery and delicious food. Have we aroused your interest? Please feel free to call us at +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0. Together we will plan your farm day and adapt it to your wishes. We are of course also available by e-mail at

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