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Outdoor event archery and clay pigeon shooting with b-ceed.


The Wild West included - from bow and arrow to shooting rifle.

As a new employee at b-ceed: events! I was soon able to accompany my first company event with archery and clay pigeon shooting by and with b-ceed. Within the scope of an incentive event of a large mobile phone provider, it was my task to accompany our client organizationally and to guarantee a smooth course of events on site. Who hasn't dreamed of mastering the art of archery like Winnetou or Old Shatterhand as a little child? Of course, such dreams cannot be lived out in everyday professional life. On this day, the supervisors, colleagues and employees experienced the exciting team competition at first hand. Precision and skill met ambition and motivation - the extraordinary team events with archery and clay pigeon shooting could be perfectly integrated into this event.

With fun archery always all targets in sightarchery team event with b-ceed for companies

In the early afternoon we arrived at the venue in time to set up the archery and clay pigeon shooting stations. In bright sunshine, our partners routinely and carefully took care of setting up the modules. It didn't take long for curious participants to scurry ahead of their colleagues towards the targets and rifles, hoping to gain a small advantage. But after the teams had been divided up, it very quickly became apparent that only a thorough introduction to the subject matter and a certain team spirit would lead to success in archery. Highest concentration was required when handling bow and arrow and also the clay pigeons were not shot with uncoordinated shots, but with well-considered manoeuvres and skill. Very quickly I could observe the growing joy of one or the other success and now and then colleagues were even triumphant and proud in each other's arms.

It's hard to shoot on an empty stomach.

Food and drink keep body and soul together. This was also the case at this team event. Between the disciplines, the customer was supplied with delicacies. Here at b-ceed: events! no wishes remain unfulfilled. From A as in pineapple to Z as in onion tart, we like to cater to the tastes of the groups. We also often unpack the barbecue on site and prepare a delicious barbecue. This afternoon, sandwiches, cakes and pretzels were served - for the small appetite before big deeds. While one or the other took a hearty bite of the sandwiches, I was presented with grandiose team results by some of the participants. I was especially proud when someone said to me: "That's a lot of fun, you've organised it really well!

clay pigeon shooting teambuilding event with b-ceed

Coordination in clay pigeon shooting is everything

Keeping around 120 colleagues in line is not that easy. I grew all the more in the course of the day in the implementation of the exciting team event. Adherence to the previously devised schedule played a major role. If one or the other participant got lost, we from b-ceed: event! kept a cool head. We set a high value on a stress-free course of the event and a smooth enjoyment on the part of the customer. I was able to experience live what distinguishes us as a full-service event planning company: the individual implementation of an all-round carefree package.

My experience with the team event archery

clay pigeon shooting team event | b-ceed eventagentur

Needless to say, I was very nervous before my first project support archery team event. But at least as much I was looking forward to this day. The direct customer contact, the involvement in a successful company event, the direct influence on the good success of the team building - I enjoyed it all very much. I found it especially nice to be able to look into a multitude of beaming faces. Far away from the stressful daily work routine, the award ceremony with corresponding team evaluations certainly left a lasting impression on the employees. Archery and clay pigeon shooting - really strong ideas!

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