Planning a company outing: a guide to perfect organisation

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Plan a successful company outing with just a few tips.

Get to know the team from a different side.

A company outing is the perfect event idea to get to know employees and team colleagues from a different perspective. Away from the desk, a company outing is the perfect change of pace to promote team spirit in the long term. But planning an unusual company outing is not always easy. How do I organize such a team event, how much can it cost and what company outing ideas are there? As a leading event agency, we have put together a guide for the perfect organization.


Step 1: Plan the company outing.

You've already taken the first step, even if you didn't know it yet. Deciding to plan a company outing is the right place to start. The focus is always on motivating employees and strengthening the sense of togetherness. Planning the company out ing with the help of an event agency can only be of benefit to you. As soon as you hire a professional event agency, you put the work in the hands of people who are highly trained in this field and know exactly what they need to do. It is the daily business, the many years of experience and the large network that you benefit from when an agency is allowed to plan your company outing.


Step : Find the right idea.

Finding good ideas and planning the company outing is now very easy. With an event planning company like b-ceed, you can choose the best idea for you and your team from a catalogue of over 33 events. Find indoor and outdoor events that strengthen the team spirit and the feeling of togetherness. Experience exciting quad tours, active hikes through the city or nature and exciting events for pure diversion. From now on nothing stands in the way of the organization. Successfully planning the company outing becomes child's play in no time.

Healthy company outing with b-ceed: events

Step 3: Calculate the event costs.

Planning the company outing is of course always associated with various costs. Once you have completed the planning and found the perfect idea for your team, the calculation of costs is on the agenda. Of course, it is obvious to organize everything from one source. But what happens if something doesn't work out at your event? Decide on the variant of planning the team event with a professional partner. Immediately after signing the contract you will receive a detailed cost overview and a detailed event schedule.

Plan a special company outing now with b-ceed: events!

The 2019 company outing is coming up! For this reason, we offer a wide range of event ideas for your planning needs. From outdoor adventures with sporting activities to indoor events for creative thinking and acting events, you can find everything for the most diverse teams.

Have we aroused your interest? Please feel free to call us at +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0. We will help you to plan and carry out your company outing. We are also available by e-mail at

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