The Top 5 Teambuilding Events for Christmas

teambuilding events at christmas - christmas party with b-ceed in winter

Christmas is almost upon us. At the end of the year, not only the annual Christmas party is held. For many companies, this is also a time to motivate the team again or to strengthen the cohesion. A combination of Christmas party and team event is ideal. We present the top 5 most popular team building events at Christmas.

There are many ways to organize a Christmas party. However, many companies continue to rely on classic restaurant visits. Unfortunately, this is no longer a way to inspire employees. A combination of team event and Christmas party, on the other hand, is something different. And with it you achieve two goals at once: an impressive event at Christmas and increased motivation and communication through teambuilding. The following teambuilding events were the top 5 in a customer survey:

1. puzzles with time pressure: nice presents

A team event that encourages thinking and communication within the team. In "Schöne Bescherung", employees work in teams on puzzles and small tasks. The goal is to save Christmas before the countdown runs out. Only through targeted communication and cooperation can the puzzles be solved and the code cracked at the end. In this way, the participants receive the decisive clue as to where they have to go next: to the evening location. A great dinner rewards all participants and gives the opportunity to review the game.

2. not for the faint-hearted: Project Fear

"Project Fear" is a slightly darker Christmas party. For all those who like to be creeped out, this event is the ultimate kick. You are alone in the dark forest and gruesome scenes are happening around you. You are part of a murder story that took place here years ago. With your team you have to make your way through the forest and find out what happened back then. The extreme shock factor of this teambuilding event makes the adrenalin and the motivation of the participants soar. Such a frightening experience brings people together and remains unforgettable. Afterwards it gets cosy. At a hut in the forest there is a big campfire and the physical well-being is also provided.

3. cozy and tipsy: the mulled wine hike

All those who like to take it a little easier will get their money's worth on the mulled wine hike. Combine a sociable get-together with wonderful views and hot mulled wine. The mulled wine hike is an outdoor event that is wonderfully suitable as a pre-programme for a Christmas dinner in the evening. Hike directly to your destination location. On the way you enjoy snowy landscapes and the mulled wine loosens the mood among colleagues. During this guided hike you will also learn a lot of interesting facts about the region.

4. creative end of the year: Christmas Puzzle Painting

Presenting the Christmas story for your company! Or would you prefer the company story? Either way, Christmas Puzzle Painting is a creative Christmas event that your employees will enjoy. A giant jigsaw puzzle is waiting to be painted by you with brushes and paint. Each participant gets a piece of the big picture. In the course of this colorful Christmas party, participants will realize the following: everyone is different and everyone works differently. But everyone contributes to the result in their own way. Only when everyone participates, the puzzle becomes complete and this is exactly how it works in the company. Solve problems and recognize conflicts, that's what this team event creates in a Christmas atmosphere.

5. with fire and snow: mobile winter barbecue

An extremely popular teambuilding event for the Christmas party is the mobile winter barbecue. The combination of hot summer grills and snowy surroundings creates a very special atmosphere. Anyone can cook together at Christmas. Winter barbecuing together is something unique. With professional guidance and ingenious recipes, the menu succeeds and there is something for every member of staff. Through targeted teamwork and great results, the motivation of your employees is increased almost playfully. A real alternative to visiting a restaurant without having to forego a great dinner.

The possibilities are many and fancy. It is not difficult to offer your employees a great Christmas party. We are happy to help you and offer full service for the entire planning. In addition to our top 5 highlights, we offer many other ideas for your Christmas party 2016. Design your Christmas party active, creative or culinary and you will leave a lasting impression.


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