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Year after year, the trends in the entire event industry change. Not only the constant development of new event concepts is of great importance. We also ask ourselves the question: What would an event be without really good catering for the guests? Catering is no longer just catering. The trends of our society change faster than you can look. Nowhere can this be better observed than in the food and catering world. Whether it's social preferences, the street food trend, healthy lifestyles or the kitchen revolution, the catering segment is changing daily. We've rounded up the top trends in event c atering below!

The creative food teambuilding workshop

Trend 1: stay unique - stay tuned!

As we allknow, the eye eats with us! It has become normal for us to reach for our smartphone before picking up our fork and knife. Cool and hip food has to be captured in pictures. It's all about style - this is one of the trends for successful catering. Whether it's small or large delicacies, they not only have to taste good and fill you up, but they also have to look extra special. Every caterer should think of his plate as a canvas: the floor becomes the background on which the food is artfully arranged.

Trend 2: Live healthy with superfoods!

A culinary hit: superfoods in catering. Chia seeds, quinoa and goji berries are all the rage. The hype around the 'healthy lifestyle' is getting bigger and bigger, because the new products on the market are getting healthier all the time. So it stands to reason that these products are perfect for event catering. Healthy lifestyle is combined with delicious food and the result is a catering offer with creative superfood dishes.

Trend 3: Hometown favourites meet fusion food.

We all have them, our very personal favourite dishes from home. And the caterers in the region know this too. Whether it's the 'Rievkooche' in Cologne or the 'Currywurst' in Berlin, the catering world follows the wishes of the customers and the classics appear in a new guise. The bond with the region is thus not only expressed emotionally, but also in culinary terms.

If we mix up the domestic cuisine once, the trend of fusion food comes out. A real revolution in the kitchen, because with a mix of regional and international flavors, modern and innovative dishes are created that we did not know before. Also known as Cross Kitchen, caterers are inspired by the best products from different cuisines. For us, this is clearly a trend in event catering.

gourmet meile euskirchen from 04 - 06 August 2017 in Euskirchen | b-ceed

Trend 4: Cooking - an exciting experience!

Culinary storytelling - trend number 4 for a successful catering event. Not only the event itself is characterized by a background theme. Whether it is the summer party, a team event or the classic Christmas party, the culinary accompaniment must also adapt to the event accordingly. Once the culinary storytelling has been created, experiences such as live cooking or cooking with show effects are also becoming increasingly popular. Molecular cuisine is one of the highlights of tomorrow!

Trend 5: Sustainable catering.

Sustainability is also high on the agenda in the world of catering. What has been the norm for many caterers for years is unknown territory for others. Our society takes a critical view of the origin and production of food. The trend is clearly moving in one direction: regional products, fairly produced and quality-conscious. Good and consciously chosen food simply tastes better!

Team cooking course with lots of great recipes | b-ceed: events

The event of the future

Of course, there is more to catering than just the exclusive food. Non-food catering is the concept of the future. Benefit from full-service catering packages including the complete furnishing of the catering areas. Whether round or long tables, cutlery and crockery, the right glasses and the appropriate decoration, everything is brought along. Logistical excellence is required for temporary events, but don't worry, we'll do it for you.

You are planning your own event soon and still need the right catering service? We are happy to adapt our service to your wishes and ideas. Now you only have to feast yourself. We will be happy to assist you by telephone on +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0 or by e-mail to

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