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Our experience of the last 5 years

with b-ceed: The full service event planning company. Anniversary is written large

Almost five years ago, the event planning company with the name b-ceed was founded in the Euskirchen area. With more than 20 years of experience in the event business, our managing director, Philipp Marvin Müller, decided to found his full-service event planning company in 2015 and breathe new life into the event market. In the meantime, the small company has grown into a stately enterprise with many projects that are unparalleled on the market. Welcome to the anniversary year 2020, b-ceed. Time to look further ahead.

Event Management with High Performance

Passion and tireless work

Since then, the crew around b-ceed provides full service from day to day for team building events, Company outings, corporate events, Meetings and Incentive travel worldwide. Since 2018, the employee of the first hour Rebecca is also involved in the company management. Thus, b-ceed is controlled by two thoroughbred event managers, for whom the topics of quality and marketing are the absolute focus. Full of pride the event planning company b-ceed back to extraordinary milestones and the collected Experiences. From a small company is today a true Event Pioneer in the marketplace.
Milestones of the event planning company b-ceed

Over 450 successful events with more than 62,000 guests in 12 countries

Experience from several years of event management and quality awareness.

Inspiring customers, gaining experience and being an event planning company with passion - that is the maxim that is lived every day at b-ceed. As an international player, individuality, trust and personalization form the foundation of all events and incentives. From 10 to 10.000 persons b-ceed plans and organizes the event management to offer the customer a perfect and smoothly running event. With creative team events the event planning company motivates people and solves problems in the company with coaching measures. Together with the customer, the event planning company wants to create extraordinary experiences and organize superlative events.

b-ceed: event planning company with a great deal of experience

At b-ceed, we work non-stop to transform great ideas into meaningful concepts for events, team events and unforgettable incentive trips. Experience makes all the difference: collectively, the experts at b-ceed have more than a quarter of a century of relevant experience in communications and event management. Since its inception, b-ceed has recorded several defining milestones as an event planning company that have turned this small company into a true pioneer in the event industry.


The first mobile Christmas market - Blogger and PR event for a luxury cosmetics manufacturer - Worldwide event novelty: building a labyrinth


Film shooting with award ceremony at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen - Large trade fair and evening event at the Mendig airfield with helicopter, off-road challenge and time race - The first soapbox race - Event novelty: Murder at the Lord's - the crime dinner


New b-ceed location in Flamersheim near Euskirchen - Teambuilding projects to Asia - Singapore - Ranger Tour Eifel: the most booked event for the summer - Event novelty: Panic Room, teambuilding with puzzle fun


By sailing ship to Amsterdam - event planning company highlight: Development of the in-house app - "Globe Chaser" . Public Christmas markets, more than 18 large corporate trips planned and executed worldwide.

The year 2020 is still young and despite Corona we can look forward to a bright future. b-ceed looks forward to the milestones to come and the experience that will continue to be gained.
Denmark travel with b-ceed: travel

Milestones and experiences to follow.

Also this year some of our customers celebrate the anniversary of their company. The company anniversary is pure pride for companies and the employees. So there is hardly a better occasion for an event. To create the perfect celebration for your company anniversary, there are many options. Invite your employees to an exclusive themed corporate event, where not only the special ambience, but also the entertainment is a highlight.
Summer, sun and sunshine can't be missing from your 2021 summer party, of course - that's why you should start working ahead today and plan for next year. Find the best summer party ideas with b-ceed. As an event agency, we know only too well what the goal of your summer party should be: enthusiastic employees! So enjoy a day of summer with active outdoor events, full service management and the experience of b-ceed.

Plan corporate events with b-ceed, the full service event planning company.

As a small event planning company b-ceed started in Euskirchen in the event business and has since proven to be a real pioneer in the market. The conception of event projects and individual concepts belongs to the daily business and is connected with passion pure. Convince yourself and become part of the milestones of b-ceed.

Would you like to learn more about event management from b-ceed? Please feel free to call us at +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0. This is the quickest way to get detailed advice.

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