Traveling to the land of opportunity with the ESTA application

ESTA application for travel to the USA.

Entering the U.S.

You have always dreamed of traveling to the United States and ask yourself the question: Do I need a visa for my trip? Then we have the right answer for you: No! Thanks to the ESTA form, entering the USA is made easier for you. The ESTA residence permit allows you your trip to the USA. See for yourself and apply for your ESTA certificate now! From now on, nothing stands in the way of your trip to the land of opportunity.

The ESTA application

All travel enthusiasts and USA lovers know it: the ESTA form. And for all those who do not know it yet, but need it for your trip to the United States, here comes the explanation: ESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorization (in German: elektronisches Reisegenehmigungsverfahren). ESTA: An online system introduced by the U.S. Immigration Service to simplify the entry process for both the applicant and the authorities. But how does the application for ESTA actually work and what do you have to consider?

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ESTA and its versatility

As the name suggests, ESTA is an electronic procedure that allows you to enter the United States. However, the travel authorization procedure is subject to various requirements that you should consider in advance.

Key Point 1

ESTA is no longer a visa of the classic kind. ESTA is applied for electronically and therefore brings some advantages. There is no need to go to the authorities anymore, because you can apply online in a few minutes. Even the American authorities benefit from the procedure! There are less elaborate border controls and you get a more accurate overview of those entering the country.

Key Point 2

But who is actually allowed to apply for the certificate? ESTA is aimed at a specifically selected category of travellers. The system covers a total of 22 European member states, including Germany, of course. All travel enthusiasts from these member countries are therefore allowed to fill out and apply for the ESTA form. Since the ESTA certificate is a visa-free procedure, your trip to the USA is tied to a limited duration of stay. Whether you are on vacation or visiting family, you should be aware of the 90-day stay limit for your trip to the United States. For those who plan to combine their stay in the USA with a voluntary service or work and travel: the ESTA certificate does not grant the right to work in the United States!

Key Point 3

The most frequently asked question is probably this: Do I have to print out the ESTA form? Here too, we have a very clear answer for you: No! Since it is a system that is handled 100% online, no documents need to be printed out. After you have filled out the required questionnaire online, it will be forwarded directly to the American authorities. From this point on, all you have to do is wait! Now it is up to the immigration authorities whether your application is approved or not.

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One last tip

How will U.S. Immigration know that I have an approved ESTA application? ESTA is linked to your personal passport number. As soon as you cross the borders of the United States, the approval of the application is recognized. Nevertheless, we would like to give you one last tip. If you want to be on the safe side, print out the confirmation email. And why so now? Your entry confirmation mail contains a dossier number. This number entitles you to enter American soil. Since the ESTA certificate is valid for two years, it sometimes happens that your personal address changes or you may apply for a new passport. For the continued validity of ESTA it is then necessary to change your dossier.

Plan your next trip to the USA with ESTA

And what about you? Are you also an enthusiastic globetrotter? Then plan your next trip to the land of opportunity now. Now nothing stands in the way of your trip: Apply for your ESTA residence permit. You can then print out the ESTA form here. You are welcome to contact us by phone at +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0 or by e-mail at

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