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Team event in June 2018 in Magdeburg: Filming XXL.

A field report about a film shoot. Strengthening motivation and communication in the team.

We made our way to Magdeburg in June 2018 for a great team event with our crew. The topic of making films as a team was a complete success. More than 120 participants took on roles, directed and worked together for more responsibility and cooperation on this day. The film shooting team event "Klappe & Action" is a very popular team event of b-ceed and a fixed component of our extensive team building events. Look forward to an experience with a happy ending.

Filming with feather boas and crazy hats

At noon we reached the venue in Magdeburg just in time to set up the props and set up the technology. In bright sunshine, the participants reached the spacious terrace of the location. It didn't take long and our prop table became the object of desire. Curious, the colleagues inspected all the disguises and wondered what they would spend the afternoon with. Quickly 12 teams were divided, the theme "Filming"and the motto were announced, the procedure and the technology were explained. Each team received a film genre by lottery, an iPad with movie software and the rush for the props began! Wigs, masks, capes and revolvers happily and motivatedly changed hands - whether fairy tale, comedy, horror or action, each team was able to equip itself perfectly according to the theme. The team event in Magdeburg began with the film shoot and it was "Shut up! And ACTION!".

When making films, roles are distributed

From now on, the teams had three hours to develop a script and discover competencies in the group. Everywhere in the adjacent Magdeburger Park, one suddenly saw eager, potential authors, directors, camera men and women, actors and mentors sitting. The task was to assign roles for making films to the respective participants. We always stayed close to the groups to answer questions and to take a group shot. So we quickly got a sandwich as a prop in the chosen location in Magdeburg or stapled a name on a cap at the reception. On this day, the participants felt a completely new kind of Motivation and that Team worked together in the best possible way. While one group began filming, the others were still brooding over the optimal casting of the roles - interrupted again and again by guffaws and sparkling ideas. But the countdown was on. In the last hour, the filmed sequences still had to be edited.

First action, then fine-tuning - from shooting to finished film

With proud and beaming faces, it was now time to complete the approx. 2-minute film. In teamwork the sequences were sorted, underlaid with music and sounds, the design was adjusted and the details were coordinated. We at b-ceed: events! were able to clear tricky obstacles out of the way quickly and provide support in word and deed. Bit by bit, the groups returned the iPads to us. And then? This secret was not to be revealed to the 120 colleagues until the Evening event experienced.

The team event and the film shoot: a complete success

While our customers could recover a little from their outstanding performances, we as the event team secretly prepared the presentation of the 12 films. This was now to be presented in the evening as part of a small awards ceremony, in festive dress and with a delicious buffet. Each group was chosen as the winner of its genre, called on stage and rewarded with an award. To thunderous applause and appreciation for the actors, each film was equally cheered. It was no coincidence that we presenters could claim: "Respect, from today on they can pack in Hollywood!".

My experience with the team event "Film shoot: flap & action".

This team event requires a high degree of precision and heart and soul to ensure a smooth process to the satisfaction of the customer. All the more nervous I was on the outward journey, whether we would meet people who would unconditionally face up to this task. So I was thrilled from the first minute on how committed and motivated the groups were to their topics and how they followed our red thread in the afternoon. No disguise embarrassed them, no one laughed at the other - the common team event and the common experience were absolutely in the foreground and each individual was able to contribute according to his or her talents. Creating shared experiences - we at b-ceed: events! were once again able to do this in the best possible way. With "Klappe & Action" we were able to prepare an exciting team event for our customers in Magdeburg on a whole day. All participants will remember it with joy for a long time, because now they know what real cooperation means.

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