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Travel to the USA - but only with ESTA travel authorization.

A guide text incl. checklist for your next (company) trip to the USA.

Who doesn't dream of travelling to the USA and experiencing unforgettable moments in the land of unlimited opportunities? A recent statistic speaks plainly! In the last three years, around 230 million people travelled to the USA to feel the American culture and the extraordinary flair. They traveled with ESTA - a travel authorization to even get through customs. But be careful, because the ESTA system has a validity period.

Travel with special permit: also applies to children

For some, the dream comes true: New York, Las Vegas, Miami, California or simply Hollywood. The hype around the mad country does not tear off. Seemingly endless metropolises offer something exciting for everyone. Whether nature, a trip through the city or wonderful hours on famous dream beaches. In addition to vacations, spectacular and breathtaking corporate trips and events are also possible due to globalization and worldwide networking. It is important to note: the ESTA system affects everyone and even children need an internationally valid passport. A children's passport is not sufficient here.

Light on the horizon: more and more countries are taking part

Unfortunately, many people can not fulfill their dream of traveling to the USA and mourn the illusion of wonderful moments. Too complex permits, the visa, the journey - for one or the other, the thought of a trip to America casts a gloomy shadow of frustration and despair on the travel dream. The biggest problem seems to be visa availability. For those who have yet to fulfill their dream of a trip to Wonderland, there is light on the horizon. A total of 22 countries in the EU are participating in a special program for "travel without a visa". The English name is: "Electronic System for Travel Authorization".


ESTA system provides for a period of validity

The bulky English term is much more about the ESTA form that makes it possible for people to travel visa-free to the USA. However, it should be noted that not everyone automatically receives ESTA approval. This is because, for example, the ESTA system also has a validity period. Accordingly, an application can be rejected. If this happens, there is no way around a classic visa that must be applied for at the embassy.

Most of the time, applications are accepted within a few moments, but it is not uncommon to have a deadline of 72 hours. The ESTA system provides for a period of validity. This means that in this context, in the event of a rejection, a new application can only be made after 10 days have passed. In the ESTA application, all the information that is in the passport and on the flight ticket must then be transferred.

ESTA Checklist

A simple method to minimize misunderstandings and disappointments is to use a checklist. The review of all relevant information and applications can be made transparent and comprehensible in a simple way.

Before the application is made, it should be pointed out with all urgency that all the information must be true.

Here's a quick checklist for your planning:

  • Have you moved to another country?
  • Have the personal data changed?
  • Is the destination suddenly different?
  • Is the passport still valid?
  • Does the passport number match the ESTA authorization number?
  • Is the passport expired?
  • Are there any errors in filling out the form?
  • Has the ESTA approval expired?
  • The thorough answering of the questions should be carried out intensively and with the best conscience.

ESTA- Application Recommendation

Many companies associate corporate travel to America with elaborate approval processes and applications.

In this complex it is important to note that in special cases there may be deadlines of 72 hours. Plan for time! After all, the ESTA system provides for a period of validity. Surprises should be pre-calculated. As the manager of a company, inform your employees as early as possible so that individual permit cancellations can be processed as quickly as possible.

Tip: The application should be made a few months before the departure date. This will ensure that the start of the trip goes smoothly and that the company trip is an absolute hit.

ESTA Permit Validity

The company trip is planned. The employees have been informed. The suitcases are packed. The anticipation is at its peak. The long-awaited departure is here. But at the checkpoint the ESTA application is suddenly rejected. Chaos. Panic. Perplexity. Despair.

What happened? Presumably, the ESTA authorisation is no longer valid. This is because the ESTA system provides for a period of validity. Although the ESTA permit can be used for various trips, the ESTA system provides for a period of validity. In general, the ESTA permit is valid for two years from the date of application. However, exceptions are not unlikely.


Careful review of all forms and data can prevent undesirable consequences on the day of departure. Thus, the dream of traveling to the new world can become a reality and create unsurpassable memories. Careful planning with attention to the possible difficulties can remove fears of the long-awaited corporate trip.

Note: The ESTA system provides for a validity period! Information on the correct ESTA approval process can be found on the official ESTA registration page. All in all, ESTA approval is a very lucrative way to travel visa-free to the USA. However, there are dangers associated with the application approval process. Discrepancies should be resolved with all staff in a communicative process, so that the trip to America and the first breath of American air, will trigger overwhelming feelings.

And if you don't want to travel so far, and certainly not with your company, simply choose the right company outings for NRW and Europe.

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