Creepy event with goosebumps guaranteed in NRW

A spooky event with night hike for your team.

The exciting highlight in the dark season and as a Christmas party!

A little spookiness can't hurt: Here we give you new ideas for creative corporate events on Halloween. The festival that came over to us from America is becoming more and more popular. Why not take advantage of the special atmosphere of the festival to organize a very special celebration for your company?

Why celebrate the ghost festival Halloween

Originally, the tradition does not come from America at all, but from Catholic Ireland. At that time, the immigrants brought it with them to the USA and continued the tradition. But that looked a little different than today. Out of fear of the dead and of ghosts, the Irish dressed up in masks to scare the spirits away.

Since the 90s, the festival is also celebrated in Europe in an "American way", but often mixed with old German customs such as the Rübengeister. By the way, the name Halloween comes from "All Hallows Evening" and means "evening before All Saints' Day".

Celebrate an event with thrill

The atmosphere when carved pumpkins are in the window and front yards are decorated with spooky characters in October is a very special one. Just once a year, we celebrate the spookiness. Children dress up as vampires, witches or zombies and catch some candy. But adults like to get spooked too. Why not use this special atmosphere in autumn for a company event that will be remembered.

A Halloween or Christmas themed party

A Halloween theme party with all the trimmings you get with us. We think of every detail: from scary skeletons, pumpkins and bats in every corner, to suitable music like Michael Jackson's "Thriller", to walking acts dressed as zombies, mummies or other demonic creatures. In addition, the food is of course also adapted to the motto. Whether bloody fingers or tasty eyeballs, the imagination knows no bounds.

Ghosts & Demons: a highlight not only in Germany! Discover the Lost Places of Europe with b-ceed now!

The company events "Ghosts & Demons" or "Lost Places" make the scary experience even more real. Discover abandoned places, an empty hospital or an old amusement park or hike through deep, dark forests and solve gloomy riddles. Curious?

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