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Every year it's Halloween - exactly on 31 October, children and young people all over the world, mostly in English-speaking countries, take to the streets and shout 'trick or treat'. A lot has changed through Corona, because last year it was probably very quiet around Halloween . Reason enough that this year - with caution - you can 'let your hair down' again - or rather: the horror.

It may be called Hallow's Eve - but Halloween is growing in popularity now more than ever. The BBC reports on the current trend of celebrating the day with different customs. Here are three of our best themes for a Halloween theme party for your company:

Theme 1: Halloween party with heroes and zombies

Motto for Halloween Party: Heroes vs. Zombies - bceed eventagentur
The motto for heroes and those who once (possibly) were: Heroes vs. Zombies by b-ceed: events

Zombies, or the undead, have experienced a real hype since the series 'The Walking Dead' at the latest. The theme 'Heros and Zombies' with lots of make-up, costumes and decorations is the perfect basis for a company Halloween party. The bar tables and tables can easily be covered with sewn tablecloths or black cloths. Creepy shaped candles, coffins and skeletons go well with the theme.

But the heroes also need to be honoured - for example, good lighting that makes the hero part of the Halloween party seem brighter and the undead part darker is appropriate. Coloured light accents support an authentic atmosphere.

Theme 2: Famous 'Horror Films

Shoot horror films as a team event for Halloween - bceed eventagentur
Experience a horror film shoot team event for Halloween at b-ceed

No theme is as fitting for a Halloween party as famous movie characters from horror films. Jack the Ripper from "From Hell", for example, is a good choice for a guest of honour, which can be the role of the management, for example. Besides the killer's knife, Jack always wears a top hat, so don't forget that.

Another famous horror character is Freddy Krueger from the series A Nightmare on Elm Street. His every move is creepy and with his gloved hands and long nails he almost looks like a vampire. Jason Voorhees is another popular villain who appears in many films under that name. Jason has two masks - one as a normal teenager and one as an undead monster after murdering people at close range.

Theme 3: Horror film shoot as a team event for the party

Horror Team Event for Halloween - Scary Company Outing Outdoor - bceed events
Creepy company outing in the forest to the 'village of death' - motto for Halloween by b-ceed

So, in keeping with the second theme of our article, how about a horror film shoot with your team? Together in teams, our horror film shooting team event will recreate famous horror films and you will take on directing, camera work and acting. Act out your own scenes or film scenes. This is the perfect team event for Halloween. At the end of the party, all the films will be shown and we will vote on which team has won by applause-o-meter.

Alternatively, we can take you on an exciting company outing to a dark forest - where a very exciting outdoor horror team event will take place in which you will search for the village of death. You will go on a journey into the past and there will be some scary moments. At the end, you can look forward to the perfect dinner for your outdoor Halloween party.

COVID-19 Information: Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, we have adapted our event concepts to ensure that sufficient distance and hygiene rules can be observed between our guests. Corresponding hygiene concepts have been specially developed by us for this purpose. We provide you with full support in event planning.

The right catering for the Halloween party

Monsterfood Finger Buffet

The right catering is a must for a Halloween party. With theme 1, you can offer your guests "monster food". For example, spiders on a stick, bones of dead animals or other scary-looking snacks are also perfect party food. Bloody welcome cocktails with strawberry lime in test tubes are also a hit when your guests arrive at the party. All these dishes can be ordered cheaply from a catering company that usually offers Halloween-themed buffets or parties.

Pompous undead elegance

For theme 2, a high-quality themed dinner with candelabra candles, pompous decoration as well as a somewhat darker atmosphere is suitable. The food should be tailored to the group and served as a menu. Of course, buffets with thematically matching food are also possible here. The music you choose should also be sophisticated - for example, grandiose classical music or spooky melodies that create a special "mood".

After all your guests have enjoyed the food, they can continue partying late into the night with dancing, raffles and spooky games on the dance floor.

Halloween Party Location Booking - event planning company bceed - Motto Corporate Events with Full Service
Find the best decoration and the right location for the Halloween party with b-ceed

The Halloween Party Location

If you are looking for a suitable location for your Halloween party, you should consider renting a historical building of significance. As an event planning company, we can of course help you with this, as well as with the dinner, the theme, the decoration and the entertainment.

Full Service Event Management

Old castles with towers and dungeons from times long past that are still largely intact, for example, often offer magical locations of the most impressive kind. Is the budget not so loose? Many medieval-themed restaurants also offer great locations for such an event. As a full service event planning company , we work for many of our clients across Europe to realise unusual corporate events. Feel free to contact us for an enquiry - without obligation and free of charge.

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