A rousing live music quiz - virtual and with real stage feeling

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"We grooved to the sounds of the 90s and felt like we were standing in the middle of the audience! Frank Keller created a virtuoso live atmosphere - we even forgot that we were 100 kilometres away in our home office." This is just one of the many positive statements after our new team event. The live music quiz is a real success just one week after its launch and we don't want to deprive you of that.

With excitement and passion. This is how the virtual team event succeeds!

Virtual team events have been booming since Corona and we have to admit, they are getting more challenging but also better every time. It's not so easy to keep the tension and atmosphere level up virtually and to get all team members involved. With the online live music quiz with Frank Keller, there is no other option - he captivates with his honest, authentic sound and interaction with the audience. His joy of playing is transmitted to the home office from the very first note. An event with guaranteed atmosphere, which might already become your next teambuilding event?

The live music quiz - a mixture of party feeling and concert

The fascinating thing about this event is that it is live, sound-loaded and exciting. Together in small teams you guess the passionately presented songs. The quick guess round is a real thrill. What was the name of that one-hit wonder? And then that old hit song that everyone in the group can suddenly sing along to, who was the singer again? Does anyone in the group know the year it was released? Maybe you want to use the joker? Everyone is in the mood immediately and the home office quickly turns into a quiz lounge.

All the hits of the last decades

The live music quiz offers the best and most famous songs of the last decades. Frank Keller's repertoire even goes back to the 1920s on request.

The genres and the pieces of music that will be played are of course planned in advance and depend on the musical tastes of the participants. Sometimes 70s, 80s or 90s music from the charts is in demand, other times Latin or dancefloor. If the team is well mixed, you can expect an even more exciting mix of hits, rock and pop.

Boredom is out of the question at this musical quiz night. The atmosphere is charged and the action is fast-paced.

Online Music Quiz Show - Beat the Music with b-ceed: eventagentur - Teamevents Virtuell

Frank Keller - Sound and charisma of the big stages

He is a true thoroughbred musician and has a stage presence that carries over into the home office or living room. Frank Keller gave his first guitar concerts at the age of 12. A few years later, he played his way across Europe and stood on stage with show stars like Nina Hagen, Urban Priol, Lulo Reinhardt and Ronan Keating.

Frank Keller covers practically all genres, from pop and rock to Latin, rhythm'n'blues, new folk, TexMex, swing or surf sounds. And in several languages, as acoustic beat or electronic.

At our music quiz events, he performs either alone, as a duo or as a trio with stand-up drum, electric piano or double bass. By the way, real movie, Broadway or musical sound is also possible. Frank Keller also covers this area.

We think about what exactly suits you individually before each Beat the Music Online event. Because every music quiz is unique and tailored to the team.

Virtual Quiz Show with Live Music for Teams - Teambuilding-Online with b-ceed

Interactive quiz software with live moderation

Just like in a real TV quiz, our presenter charmingly guides the participants through the musical challenge. For the quiz , the participants use our quiz software, which we also use for our other quiz events. It is intuitive and very easy to use. A factor that was important to us during the development, because virtual quizzes should not fail because of complicated technology. With the help of the software, the selection of genres and the exchange with team colleagues is easy. In small groups, people guess, sing and laugh together. Maybe the music quiz will be the virtual highlight of your next event and you will even win the "golden microphone"!

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