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The big company event with comTeam Systemhaus GmbH, b-ceed and a lot of PS

Testimonial from Anna: "what awaited me there exceeded my expectations."

After an already exciting week full of corporate events and the complex event planning that goes with it, the last week of September ended with our event planning company corporate events with b-ceed, the event planning company: PS loaded events with Porsche, VW and moreb-ceed with an absolute highlight!

On September 29th, me and the rest of the team went to Mendig in the Eifel, to the Test Event Area of the old airfield. The planning in the office ran for months and I had already heard a lot about the process and the construction, but what finally awaited me there exceeded my expectations.

Several days of event setup, installation, preparation and controlling

Already two days before my arrival, the power event started with the biggest customer of our event planning company: comTeam Systemhaus GmbH. More than 30 exhibitors were expected to present their best products and services as every year. The day was packed with innovative event modules, delicious food and finally the absolute highlight at the airport: the "White Night" with the finale.

First convention, then conference, then trade fair and finally ...

After a conference on Wednesday and various workshops on Thursday, the highlight of the event followed on Friday!

Early in the morning we left with several packed trucks to the former military airfield, the area where the cult festival Rock am Ring took place in 2015 and 2016. The, in my opinion, perfectly chosen location for the event. We had an airplane and a helicopter hangar at our disposal, as well as numerous rooms and the huge outdoor area including meadows and runway.

corporate events with b-ceed: meetings and conferencesTrade fair meets exhibition meets unforgettable experience for guests

In the hangars, everything had already been set up several days before by b-ceed and the technology, as well as the catering were already ready to go. Slowly but surely exhibitors and visitors arrived, but especially the fast cars. Here a Ferrari, there a Porsche, on the other side of the hall several Volkswagen Scirocco. And in the middle? Me!

Before I could marvel, however, there was some work on the schedule. I was tasked, with the support of my male colleagues, to set up our 18+ metre long Carrera track. And yes, it's just as you think: it's an incredible amount of work but the result is breathtaking.

Simulators, drifting, Porsche and Scirocco races

In addition to the XXL Carrera track and two racing simulators, there were numerous other exciting stations. The vehicles listed above were not just there to marvel at. You could ride along as a passenger in a Porsche, drive in the drift area or take the wheel yourself in a Scirocco. A must, not only for the male guests.

Although I was at this mind-blowing event for work, I had the opportunity to feel the horsepower from one of the Porsches and whiz down the runway with a professional race car driver.

A flight with the helicopter to leave the ground

In keeping with the location, there was also the opportunity to discover the latest flight simulators or even leave the ground and fly with a helicopter or a plane over the extensive grounds of the airport. THE opportunity to take exceptional photos and create unforgettable memories!

company events with b-ceed: white night at the airport mendigAfter the PS-charged hours came the finale: the big "White Night".

Towards evening, after a fast-paced and horsepower-packed day, the "White Night" began. The noble evening event in the aircraft hangar festively decorated by us as an event planning company. After the final touches on the tables, the sound check of the band and the set up of the buffet and cocktail bar, the evening began for our guests. For me, the event ended at this point.

b-ceed: the event planning company, company for live communication, the inhouse teamSeveral days of event management with absolute know-how from b-ceed

Exhibitors and visitors got talking after these exciting days and celebrated the successful event.
A complete success for me as well! I was allowed to co-organize an event at the highest level and even experience this impressive day myself.

My conclusion

Every event at b-ceed is exciting and involving, but an event of this magnitude is truly unparalleled.

Your Anna


Who am I:

My name is Anna and at b-ceed I am responsible for planning events and researching new partners and markets. Would you like to learn more about b-ceed and our events? Then just give me a call: +49 (0) 2251-929 3300.


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