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Book online events 2022 early - event planning company b-ceed

A huge demand for online teambuilding events. We are more than overwhelmed and are also looking forward to what is expected to be a strong event season for online team events 2022. Because the demand for remote events was so great, we recommend you book team events online 2022 early. But which are currently the most popular events with our B2B customers and what do you have to look out for when booking? Here are a few tips from our editorial team.

For online tastings, take the delivery time and the region into account.

For our online teambuilding events 2022, e.g. the online cocktail course or our virtual tapas quiz tasting, boxes are prepared and sent by DHL. It should be noted that the packages can sometimes take 3 or more days to arrive - especially for international groups of guests, it can take a little longer for the box to reach its destination. Some countries, especially Asian countries, prohibit alcoholic beverages in the mail. You should consider this before booking the event.

Popular online tasting events include

Cooking course virtual teambuilding - bceed events

The boxes for virtual cooking courses and barbecue courses online are sent without food. Instead, you receive a variety of gadgets for preparing the food, a shopping list and spices. Aprons and kitchen equipment, a recipe folder and many other little things are also in the box. So nothing stands in the way of an online baking course. By the way, this is also extremely popular with B2B customers outside the Christmas season.

Online Teambuilding Event: Beat the Music Quiz Live - Music Quiz Show Virtual | b-ceed Teamevents

Online team events and the promotion of communication

Our online team events 2022, such as our Escape Rooms Online and our virtual contest games, are extremely popular with our guests. In 2021, we welcomed more than 10,000 participants virtually with live moderation, which is a really good value. What all our guests have noticed above all is the promotion of communication within the team. In the past, international teams only met once a year, if at all. Platforms like Zoom and MS Teams used to be foreign to many of our clients. They simply had hardly any contact with virtual meetings and team events / kick-offs. The virtual kick-off has also celebrated its premiere this year with many medium-sized clients. And that is good.

Virtual events connect people with each other. Large distances between each other can be overcome digitally. In general, the topic has also provided reasons for one or the other online marketing agency to programme new systems and pursue sales approaches.

Popular online team events include

  • Virtual Escape Rooms by b-ceed (different storylines)
  • Live Music Quiz Show 'Beat the Music
  • Quizz Cross - the turbulent online quiz
  • It's Online Bingo time
  • Sport Home Office - virtual sports studio
Fit in the home office through virtual sports coaching from b-ceed

Our Sport Home Office, the virtual fitness studio with our physiotherapist, is also becoming increasingly popular. Many companies are focusing on health at work. And especially now in the time of home office days and isolation, our offer is very attractive. Whether for hoola hoop sessions, fitness workouts, meditative sessions or dance classes: our online offer for sports sessions is versatile.

When is the best time to book an online team event?

In addition, our live quiz shows offer the perfect opportunity to prove your skills, knowledge and brains in a virtual team. And at the virtual team event Bingo Online, diversion and fun are the two main goals. In order to get slots early, we recommend that you book an online event early. It is best to calculate with a lead time of at least 14 days, so that on the one hand the free time slot is still available and on the other hand we can still send out all the boxes in time for tasting events.

Independent event planning: LITE online variants

Alternatively, our LITE online team events offer the best opportunity for you to plan independently of our times. The LITE events are designed without active moderation on our part, but offer just as much fun and variety in the home office workday as the other events.

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