Perfect speeches at the company anniversary

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The perfect speech at the company anniversary

Event planning is different, because every good event includes a good speech.

Silence is silver, speech is gold. What sounds a bit crazy in rhetoric is a true art in real life. Today we deal with the topic of a speech for the company anniversary and give you tips on how to perfect your speech. The art of speaking, or oratory for short, has not been for everyone for many centuries. Because as the name suggests, a good speech belongs to the realm of art. Some also speak of a science. Ultimately, however, the most important thing is that a good speech is received by guests, listeners and employees.

Making speeches made easy

A company anniversary provides an occasion for a huge corporate event. The anniversary celebration is an excellent event and of course, the anniversary celebration speech is not to be missed. It is not difficult to deliver an electrifying speech. Quite important is a good and intensive preparation in advance. The company anniversary represents an emotional event. Therefore, your rhetorical skills and a brilliant content are in demand.

What should be considered?

Basically, quality over quantity and content over volume. It is always important to know that your employees are looking forward to a wonderful time. Interaction and entertaining them is a top priority. You have the task of preparing a company anniversary speech in advance and completely customize it to your employees and to the company. Limit yourself here only to the absolute highlights and wrap them up with emotional images and stories. A PowerPoint presentation is suitable for this. For this, there are also good websites that will help you prepare the company anniversary speech or even write it completely. One professional when it comes to speech writing is RedeGold, run by Frank Rosenbauer. We love his speeches and the professionalism of his work as well as the passion in his writings.

The optimal duration of the speech

As chairman or managing director, you will certainly summarize the company history. Therefore, take the time in time and prepare a professional and flawless presentation. If needed, you can ask for help from your members who are knowledgeable in the subject matter. You are supposed to charm your guests with your speech and not put them to an early sleep. Therefore, make sure that your speech lasts for 15-20 minutes. Little tip: set yourself a stopwatch. This will give you power over time during your speech. You also minimize the risks that the speech will be too long.

Nervous and restless? This helps!

The company anniversary is an absolute highlight. It is completely normal that nervousness spreads. Give your planned speech to a trusted person beforehand. If necessary, you can improve small nuances of your speech and draw confidence from it. Not everyone is born with rhetorical skills. However, there are a few little tricks that will make your performance a success. Use short sentences and lighten the mood with a few jokes. Try to establish a connection with the audience and build up a dramaturgy. Therefore, a guide is essential.

Closing words

The company anniversary offers a chance to demonstrate your rhetorical skills. You have many opportunities to give a gripping and exciting speech. However, without proper and intensive preparation, the day before will be a disaster. Therefore, structure a tailor-made speech and adapt it to the company. Short sentences, situational jokes and a dose of confidence are the keys to success. If you want to plan your company anniversary in detail, we also offer a company anniversary checklist. After all, as an event agency we are not only service providers, but also full service idea providers ;-).

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