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Corporate Travel 2022 - Mediterranean Region

There are many beautiful corners hidden in the Mediterranean region

The Mediterranean region offers many cities and places worth seeing for exciting company trips and works outings. The European capitals of Rome, London or even the German city of Berlin have a lot to offer, but there are also many smaller cities that have their own history. There are many beautiful cities along the Mediterranean coast. These are also popular with cruise ships, as these cities are almost all on the coast. Short trips through Europe are the ideal basis for exciting company outings without having to leave the office for too long.

The regions around the Mediterranean offer an enormous number of interesting hot spots and cities worth seeing for individual corporate travel. When the world thinks of Europe, you might also think of capitals like Paris, London, Berlin or Rome. But there is a wealth of extraordinary metropolises just waiting to be discovered by you. Along the Mediterranean coast, we go on a journey to what we consider the 7 best places to plan a corporate trip.


Corporate travel to the Mediterranean - Travel tip Barcelona - b-ceed travel agency blog

It starts with our trip to Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and is the economic and cultural centre of Catalonia. The city is ranked the 4th most visited city in Europe and is popular for its mix of modern architecture and many buildings that link the city to the medieval royal and commercial city.

To see the main attractions on such a trip with the company , you need several days already. The Sagrada Familia is an unfinished church that is always worth a visit and whose construction began in 1880. Likewise, Park Güell should be on the list of places to see. This beautiful building has mosaics, staircases and sculptures in the green park of the Gaudi Museum. From here you have a wonderful panoramic view of the city. The Casa Milà, the market hall Mercat de la Boqueria, as well as the FC Barcelona stadium (Nou Camp) or the Picasso Museum should also be visited.


Corporate travel to the Mediterranean - Travel tip Istanbul - b-ceed travel agency blog

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey and on the Mediterranean . This city is unique in terms of its geographical location alone, as it lies on two continents. On the one hand, it lies in European Thrace and on the other in Asian Anatolia. The city is the largest metropolitan region in the world and has more than 14 million inhabitants.

A sightseeing tour is definitely worthwhile on a company outing to Istanbul. The Christian, Byzantine and Ottoman past can be found in numerous buildings throughout the city. There are also many mosques, palaces, bridges, squares and museums to visit. There are also many parks to relax in, such as Gülhane Park or Yildiz Park. At the harbour, we take our clients on a sailing trip through the Eastern Mediterranean.

There are also many restaurants with international cuisine and regional specialities. But the grand bazaar is famous for Istanbul even beyond the country's borders. Here you will find many shops such as antiques, jewellery, carpet and ceramics and many large shopping centres.


Corporate travel to the Mediterranean - travel tip Dubrovnik - b-ceed travel agency blog

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik is located directly on the Adriatic Sea. There is almost always good weather, which is wonderful to spend on the great beaches. There are also many sights, a historic harbour and an interesting old town. There is no car traffic in the old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a fee, you can also walk the historic city wall. The city harbour dates back to the 7th century. From here, we set out with small and large teams on a regular sailing regatta excursion, which can last several days. The main promenade, the Prince's Palace, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Church of St. Blasius, the customs house and the town hall are also worth a visit. The three famous beaches should also be visited and the nightlife in the Croatian city is also an experience. Famous DJs play here from time to time.


Corporate travel to the Mediterranean - travel tip Nice - b-ceed travel agency blog

Located on the Cote-d'Azur, the beautiful port city of Nice is the perfect destination for short corporate trips and a city trip to France of 1 to 3 days. It is only 10 kilometres to the famous city of Monaco and about 30 kilometres to the Italian border. Endless beaches, colourful bathhouses and expensive restaurants and boutiques come to most people's minds when they think of Nice. Many holidaymakers are attracted by the mild climate and the uniquely beautiful location on the Mediterranean Sea alone. By the way, the beautiful old town is always worth a visit. The old buildings are artfully arranged around it and the locals always meet there for a coffee or a chat. Dating back to the 18th century, the Place de Francois is the ideal place to capture the evening atmosphere of Nice.


Corporate travel to the Mediterranean - Travel tip Venice - b-ceed travel agency blog

In Italy, the city of Venice is one of the most beautiful metropolises and therefore ideally suited as a destination for the next company trip to Italy. Its centre is located on one of the largest islands of the Venice Lagoon. The many canals are the well-known trademark of this city. There are about 175 canals and they have a total length of about 38 km. The world-famous Grand Canal is the main artery and there are many more waterways around the historic city centre.

However, the city has even more to offer, such as cultural sights and events like the Venice Carnival. These are bridges and also buildings that are very famous. For example, St Mark's Square, the St Mark's Tower, the Rialto Bridge, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and the Doge's Palace. Especially famous is "Carnival in Venice" and everyone should experience it once.


Corporate travel to the Mediterranean - Travel tip Monaco - b-ceed travel agency blog

The southern European city state of Monaco is located on the French Mediterranean coast. The city is famous for its first-class sporting events, as the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix races have been held here since 1985. The tourist centre of Monaco is the Place du Casino. The famous and magnificent opera house is right next to the famous casino and the old town is also always worth a visit. The narrow streets invite you to shop and linger in the restaurants and souvenir shops. The marinas are also a tourist magnet, as there are many spectacular and large private yachts in the waters.


Corporate travel to the Mediterranean - travel tip Rhodes - b-ceed travel agency blog

Our journey continues to Rhodes. The Greek island lies at the northern tip of the country and is a destination for many groups and private guests. Its long and impressive history goes back to the year 408 BC. During this long time there were many rulers over the island and the country. The result is many nowadays historic buildings, some of which are still very well preserved and thus also worth a visit.

The old town is surrounded by a four-kilometre-long fortress wall and is situated on a hill. The Grand Master's Palace of the Order of Saint John, which now houses a museum, is on the highest point. Socrates Street connects the Süleyman Pasha Mosque with Platia Ippokratou. A Turkish library is located in the mosque with the owl fountain in the middle, which is just opposite. The so-called Turkish quarter is characterised by small, narrow streets and squares, a Turkish bath and mosques. The harbour, the Marian Gate, the Grand Master's Palace, the Temple of Apollo, the mill pier at the commercial harbour and the Byzantine Museum are also worth a visit once on Rhodes .

Would you like to plan a company trip for your team? Take a look at our travel catalogue with current trips incl. group prices or have an individual offer put together for you. Due to the still prevailing pandemic situation in Europe, some destinations cannot be travelled to or only to a limited extent.

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