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What social media makes sense for an event planning company?

Customer engagement and acquisition through images? Instagram rocks event agencies 2018.

In the world of digitalization, more and more companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon. Even conservative companies are joining the growing number of social media platforms. In addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, new platforms like Vero are on the rise. This provides companies with unprecedented opportunities to interact with their customers and potential prospects and create trust points.


Is using one or all social media platforms even necessary?

Example Instagram for business

In this context, the focus is placed on Instagram in order to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages using an event agency as an example. The use of social media platforms can certainly be described as a marketing tool that goes beyond classic advertising.

What should I look for in social media for business?

Images captivate and speak directly to users.

For an event planning company, the focus should always be on a targeted, market-oriented use of social media. In detail, this means focusing on using Instagram to achieve business goals. Instagram captivates through images. The moments of the world are captured and shared. From a business perspective, this is used to share typical daily routines, employees, as well as special moments with the community. In relation to an event planning company, the great potential of Instagram can be made clear.

Advantages of Instagram for businesses

Use Instagram's Story feature to create engaging stories.

Well-taken snapshots, but also excellent videos can be uploaded on Instagram. Videos, but also pictures should awaken the desire to engage with the event planning company and at best follow the page. The reach can then be increased many times over again through the many different tools (stories, hashtags, linking). The story feature, for example, can be used to tell little stories every day and bring the followers up to date.

Transparency is created, which at best intensifies the relationship with potential customers. The big advantage is that by posting content, relatively little money is invested compared to other marketing tools. In addition to the many advantages that Instagram offers, the disadvantages must not be ignored.

Disadvantages of Instagram for businesses

Allow a little more time.

In order to have a strong Instagram presence, you need to edit image descriptions, hashtags, but also the images themselves and adapt them to your business goals. Conversely, this means time investment. One of the top commandments of Instagram is regularity. Continuity is only ensured if you deliver appropriate content at regular times. In order to publish a brilliant post, a creative and temporal free space must be created in the working day. Here, you have to invest one hour per day. On a weekly basis, five to six hours at least can be planned for Instagram activities.


Social media for an event planning company "rocks".

Ultimately, Instagram is a platform that focuses on the fun factor and the visual experience. Although the tool is still somewhat unknown in Germany in the B2B sector, it offers creative opportunities to convince people of one's own company, to deliver interesting content and possibly to win new customers. The advantages stand out and outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, every event planning company should not be completely averse to social networks, but at least see the opportunity to act cost-effectively with the Instagram community.

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